God of War II strategy guide

XX. Temple Of Euryale
You've now arrived at Euryale's temple, but as you'll see, you won't be able to get in through the main door yet. Head to the right and jump across the gap. You'll see a Spartan being attacked, and in front of you will be a corpse, which you can search to get the temple key. Now you'll be attacked by a group of goat men. The easiest way to kill them is to keep tapping Circle.

Now run back to the front of the temple, where you'll be attacked by skeletons. Kill them, then head left and kill some more, before using the key to enter the temple area. Here you'll fight your first Cyclops. First off, approach him and press Circle to bring down the rider, who you should kill as quickly as possible, as the riders make the Cyclops more aggressive. Now finish the beast, using a Quicktime sequence to rip out its eye. Another will appear, so repeat the process.

Now head into the temple area and pull out the block to reveal the door, which you can open to gain access to the inner temple area. First run left and grab the red and blue orbs, then run left to continue, until you reach a pit with a stalagmite in it. You'll be attacked by three wraiths and they're tough to off, so be patient, keep dodging, and use your rage if you want. Smash the stalactite and it'll reveal a grapple point you can use to swing up to the next ledge.

In the next area, climb up right and take the rope bridge across the gap to reach the chests with the Gorgon eye and red orbs. Now jump across the swamp and destroy the three pillars at the end to bring down the archers that have been shooting at you. Bring down the middle pillar by tapping L1 and R1 and climb up the resulting stone stump. At the top, there are red orbs to be had on your left.

Puzzle focus
You'll now head into a circular room with a gate to your right and left, and two crates above you on the right. Use your bow to reveal the grapple point above the crates, and use it to jump up and grab the Gorgon eye and red orbs. Now jump back down and pull the lever in the right of the room. It opens the right gate, so run in, smash the broken wall and kill the archers inside. Pick up the corpse and drop it into the stream, where it'll start to float around to the left. Head into the left chamber, break the wall, kill the archers, and pick up the corpse when it comes around. Now you can use it to weigh down the pressure plate and give you enough time to run through into the next area where you can save.