God of War II strategy guide

Head through the door you took the skull from, and you'll find a vent with an updraft coming through it. Crank the handle to power the draft, the float to the first platform. Quickly pull the lever, then drop down and crank the bottom vent again. Now float all the way to the ceiling. It's a tricky one, so it may take a few attempts. There's a chest with red orbs on the way, so pick it up before you leave the area.

Now crank the lift down and jump back into the main courtyard area. You can now use the skull on the skull door, well, once you've killed the four trolls, which appear and attack you.

Puzzle focus
Ahead of you is a fairly innocent-looking lift, but don't be fooled: this is one of the toughest parts of the game. Start cranking the lever to move the lift down. The ceiling will start to descend, so crank quickly. On top of that, skeletons will appear and attack you in waves. Kill them quick, using your blades and Atlas Quake, and get straight back to the crank. Once you reach the bottom, get the door open as quick as possible. There's a Phoenix feather and some red orbs for your efforts when you exit the lift.

XXXVIII. Raising the Phoenix
Now climb onto the rope bridge and start travelling across the lava pool. The rope will break half way, leaving you to jump up and deal with the archers. But wait! More monsters will appear, including four Gorgons, so remember to use your fleece deflection often.

Jump back onto the platform in the middle of the lava, and climb the wall and ceiling to the other side. Drop down quickly and deal with the soldiers that appear. In the next area there are spinning blades rotating above lava. Use your Icarus wings to glide round them, and watch out for the lava bubbling up and burning them.

XXXIX. The Phoenix Chamber
Now to deal with the ashes of the Phoenix. Head forwards, read the book, and then jump right to save. Now head left, kill your enemies, and walk into the spike room. Pull the lever, lower the spikes, and break the wall to the front and left of you. Two warriors will come out, but one will probably be killed by the spikes, so fight the other one, and return to the lever. Pull it and grab the Hail of Boreas from the dead soldier in front of you. There are two red orb chests to get too, and if you're going for them, only grab one at a time.

Now, pull the lever, freeze time, and start cranking the crank. After one rotation, freeze time again, and jump through the door on your left. Run down the corridor and stock up on health and magic.

Puzzle focus
Ahead of you is a room with the Phoenix ashes at the end of it. To your left is a statue. Grab it, start pushing it into the room, and it'll keep you safe from the fire balls. Get it as far as possible and fight off the enemies. Don't forget the fire pushes the statue away, so move it into a place where it will come to a stop. After you've killed the four warriors and various bats, pull the lever at the end, then move the statue onto one of the pressure plates and keep hold of it until you can safely stand on the other plate. Use your grapple to swing into the cage with the ashes.

Push the urn forwards and the lift will go down, letting you slot it into place. Now head for the lever ahead of you, and fight the enemies that appear. Save your game, and pull the lever. You can now use the updraft to get onto the spiral staircase ahead of you. Run up the stairs, and grab the two chests with red orbs at the top, before pulling the lever and returning to the surface. When you get up there, shove the Hail of Boreas into the door's mouth.

Use the door, and head left to claim a Gorgon eye. Now jump up the chain and get off at the next level. There's a save point and some health / magic here. Blow the horn, and release the Phoenix.

Now drop back down into the courtyard, and use the pillars to access the room that's upwards and left of you.

Puzzle focus
First off, pull the lever and raise the lift on your left. Use its climbable side to move up the wall and onto the ceiling. Now break the chains above the doors, and jump down. Grab the red orbs from the chests, and pull out the pillar from the right-hand gap. Pull the lever again to bring the lift back down, and push the pillar half-way into the lift. Now return to the lever and pull it. If you positioned the pillar right, it'll jam the lift, letting you climb in. Pull the pillar towards you and the lift will go up. Now jump onto the pillar and use it to break the chain above the door.

Now crank the next lever to raise the pillars outside, then walk into the next circular room and move the gates around to reveal a chest with red orbs to your right, and the exit in front of you.