God of War II strategy guide

XXI.Temple Of Euryale, Part2
You're now outside again, and ahead of you are three wheels sat in the swamp. Brace yourself - this part is irritating. Jump onto the first wheel and start rotating the crank to move it closer to the second wheel. It's worth noting that you'll rotate quicker if you match your thumbstick movement with the on-screen movements of Kratos. For example, if Kratos is pushing left, push left with him. When he's moving up, push up with him.

When you're half way across, soldiers will jump onto the wheel and attack you, and you have to let go of the crank to kill them, meaning you'll start to slip backwards. The best way to deal with them is to wait until the last minute to attack them, and use your Circle attack followed by Square to fling one solider at the next. If you're lucky, you'll knock them both off the wheel. Once you're close enough, jump onto the second wheel and repeat the process to reach the third.

Now head under the arch and into the next area. Approach the rocks, and they'll turn into a creature. Quickly dodge away from it, and wait for its opening attack animation to finish before getting stuck in. Finish it with a Quicktime attack.

Next, head across the rope bridge and kill the soldiers that were attacking your would-be comrade. Lift the door set into the wall to reveal a statue of fate, and use it to slow time - giving you a chance to jump onto the wheel and run across. Now run onto the conveyor belt and fight your way through the medusa's gaze beams to reach the end. The best tactic here is to run for it, because if you try to kill your enemies, you'll fall back towards the grinder. Destroy the wall at the end and quickly grapple across the gap. In this area, wreck the statues and push the block through the hole it is sat in. You'll now find yourself back in the temple area. Push both blocks to the far side of the enclosed area and it'll tip towards the swamp, revealing a loose edge for you to grab and use to push the temple into the swamp.

You can now use it to cross the swamp and grab onto the far wall. Climb around (destroying the tree to continue) and drop down the other side. Head into the next temple area where you'll find a half-dead Spartan. Leave him for now, head through the grinder and grab the red orbs and Phoenix feather from the chests. Now come back, pick up the Spartan and feed him to the grinder - breaking the contraption in the process. Smash it up, and run into the next room where you'll fight a tough Cerberus creature that has just eaten the Golden Fleece.

XXII. Boss fight - Cerberus
There's no real tactics that work against this creature, so just get stuck in. Use your bow and your Rage of the Titans to supplement your main attacks and it should be a straight-forward fight. You've now acquired the Golden Fleece, which you can use to deflect enemy attacks. Learn how to use the Fleece, because you won't finish the game without it!

Use the Fleece to deflect the fireball spat out by the statue to escape the area. You'll be attacked by four gorgons, so practice using your fleece against them. Run back out of the temple to the main entrance, where you'll now be able to use the Golden Fleece to return the door's stare and gain access to Euryale's chamber.