Get the lowest ever prices on 10th-gen i7 processors this Prime Day

Intel i7
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Amazon is currently selling 10th generation models of the Intel Core i7 for its lowest ever price as part of the Prime Day sales.

If you've been holding out on putting your new battle station together or were seeking a good time to drag your current rig into the next generation, now could be the perfect moment to do just that. 

Typically, even the most demanding of modern PC games releasing in 2021 won't get anywhere close to taking advantage of the cores and threads that this processor uses. Rest assured though, you're in safe hands with either option if you want to futureproof your machine for years to come. If you're new to building and want to get up to date on components, we have two helpful guides on the best CPU for gaming and the best graphics cards for gaming to get you started. 

While not on the bleeding edge as it was upon release in summer 2020, don't make the mistake of counting this powerful chipset out; it is still very much at the higher end for PC gaming even a year after its inception and can be found in some of the best gaming PCs available right now.

The best price ever seen on 10th gen i7 chipsets 

Intel Core i7-10700KF | $361

Intel Core i7-10700KF | $361 $239 at Amazon
Save $122:  It's widely been considered the standard for high-end PC gaming - and computing in general - because of its consistently quick performance and cost-to-power ratio. For the money, you're getting an 8-core (16 threads) overclockable processor that, when fully unlocked, can run at speeds of up to 5.1GHz. In summary, it has all the gaming grunt you could want, and enough left over to juice in the tank to tackle whatever you throw at it - just remember to pair it with a good graphics card! 

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