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Get more web-swinging mileage out of Marvel's Spider-Man with the upcoming New Game Plus update

It's not as if you're going to run out of things to do in Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 anytime soon, not with all those side mission infesting Marvel's Manhattan like a super fun chicken pox - but developer Insomniac has confirmed that it's currently putting the finishing touches to a New Game Plus update. 

That's all we know so far, but our spider sense tells us we can expect the usual opportunity to play through the game again, focusing on upgrading all our gadgets, unlocking some of those trickier-to-collect Spider-Man PS4 suits, and perfecting our web-slinging. Personally I'm just happy to get an excuse to keep battling Fisk's men on construction sites; who knew webbing people right off the side of tall buildings could be the perfect outlet for internal rage?

Even if you're a clinical-grade arachnophobe, it's worth overcoming your fear to pick up the game, which our reviewer bestowed a massive 4.5 stars on and called "just a joy to play." Be warned, though - as well as offering up collectibles, side quests, and story galore, it's also home to the most depressing Easter Egg you'll ever see: 

If like me you're intent on ticking off every side quest on the Spider-Man map,  check out our guides to all the Spider-Man PS4 secret photo locations and how to find every single Spider-Man Daily Bugle location.

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