Get a cheap Razer mouse at Amazon with these Prime Day gaming deals

Get a cheap Razer mouse this Prime Day in these Amazon gaming deals
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A Razer mouse is going to be one of the best acquisitions you can make for your gaming setup - when it comes to the best gaming mouse conundrum, a Razer-shaped solution is a brilliant way to go. While they can often demand a high price of admission, getting one for any discount is a great means to an end, and now is the perfect time to pick such a bargain up with a handful of Razer mice having their prices slashed as part of the Amazon Prime Day gaming deals.

These are pretty good examples of some great PC gaming-focused Amazon Prime Day deals that are going right now, but the three definitively reduced ones are below.

The pick of the bunch, and headline act, if you will, is the Razer Viper mouse. This is my favourite ambidextrous mouse going right now and provided me with months and months of reliability and enjoyment before my lefty Naga arrived. This super-fast, super agile, and super comfortable mouse that's built for shooters is reduced by a massive 63% to a frankly-ridiculous £32.99.

Elsewhere, and rounding off a solid triumvirate of gaming mice, the wireless Basilisk X is an excellent option at just £40.99. Meanwhile, the Basilisk V2 offers incredible speeds and responsiveness and is now cut down to £47.99. Great, great gaming mice deals.

Just to reiterate the quality that these pointers offer, Razer mice are some of the best no matter what you play, or how you play - Razer even make the best left-handed gaming mouse, for example. 

Each pointer from the hardware behemoth has its own advantages and characteristics; be it wireless, wired, simple layouts, or versatile programmable button layouts, Razer has it. So if you're also considering a contender for best wireless gaming mouse to ditch the cords and gain further freedom, then you might find a cracking deal here too.

Cheap Razer mouse deals

Razer Viper mouse | £90 £32.99 at Amazon UK

Razer Viper mouse | £90 £32.99 at Amazon UK
Probably the best ambidextrous gaming mouse out there right now, this is unbelievable value at just over 30 pounds. I used this mouse daily before getting my lefty Naga and it was by far the most comfortable, smoothest, and quickest ambi mouse I've used.

Razer Basilisk X mouse | £60 £40.99 at Amazon UK

Razer Basilisk X mouse | £60 £40.99 at Amazon UK
If you're after a quality wireless gaming mouse for playing this autumn - or for working too - then the Basilisk X is a great shout. With Razer's Hyperspeed wireless technology you'll have little-to-no latency for a wireless rodent and benefit from Razer's optical sensor, not to mention the advantage of those six programmable buttons.

Razer Basilisk V2 mouse | £80 £47.99 at Amazon UK

Razer Basilisk V2 mouse | £80 £47.99 at Amazon UK
A great quality mouse that's built for first person shooters. The Basilisk V2 features a customisable wheel, a 20,000 DPI Optical sensor, and a removable DPI switch, giving you plenty of flexibility and sheer speed.

To get a good companion to your shiny new mouse, don't forget to check out the best gaming keyboards. They'll also benefit from Amazon Prime Day offers, so be sure to give it a look if you want to save some money.

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