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Get a cheap external hard drive deal now - the WD My Passport 5TB is at its lowest ever UK price

Get a cheap external hard drive deal now - the WD My Passport 5TB is at its lowest ever UK price
(Image credit: Western Digital)

Sound the deal klaxxon! If you've been thinking about some extra game library storage space for your console (or your PC) then now is the time to strike as our favourite external HDD is currently on offer: the Western Digital my Passport 5TB behemoth is just £70.99 at Amazon UK for UK readers. This is an incredible price in its own right but it is also its lowest ever price and makes the 5TB mega-unit even cheaper than the 4TB size - all in all, this bargain saves you 54 pounds (which is 43% less than normal)! Madness. 

If you like to keep a lot of games live and accessible at all times, then an external HDD is the way to go. Clocking it at that massive 5TB capacity, this is a mighty bit of extra storage that'll be reliable, speedy, and exceptionally useful.

And while it's not at its lowest ever price in the US, you can still find it discounted considerably, with Best Buy offering it for $109.99. That's still a great deal despite it being north of $100, and still saves you $40 off its usual price. Moreover, getting 5TB of portable, reliable storage for 110 bucks is still great value.

Western Digital My Passport 5TB External HDD | just £70.99 at Amazon UK (save 43%)
This is an excellent deal for our UK readers offering an excellent external hard drive for its lowest ever price. Definitely impulse purchase worthy.View Deal

Western Digital My Passport 5TB External HDD | $109.99 at Best Buy (save $40)
Not quite the the hard drive's lowest ever US price, but still a very competitive one if you're need of something right now to keep your expanding library live and accessible.View Deal

This is the latest model (it had an update in design and build last year) and the UK price is even cheaper than the smaller 4TB model. A total bargain for a massive 5TB of storage that can be used with consoles or PCs. What's more, now more than ever is the perfect time to get an external hard drive as this generation of consoles reaches its absolutely peak of library size. Plus, life is way too short to be looking at loading and update screens all the time, so get this drive into your life so everything is readily at hand.

The 5TB version of the hard drive at this price offers incredible bang for buck value - particularly in the UK. It's smaller than you think too - the size of a smart phone - and with its pacey speeds and epic reliability, it'll easily outlast the remainder of this console generation and should give you a boost for when the PS5 and next Xbox come around.

To ensure your decision is as informed as it can be for HDDs - and with consoles in mind - make sure you check out the full list of the best PS4 external hard drives and the best Xbox One external hard drives.

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