GC 09: GamesRadar's Photo Diary

Days One and Two

Nathan, in what looks like a special bus. Good to see he's safely strapped in like a good boy. He's most likely en route to a VIP party or possibly an exclusive press conference.

Nathan studying his watch very intently, outside the Sony Press Conference. This showsthat he's an important journalist and is concerned that he maymiss his next 'appointment'.

Only joking! He was just checking what time it was. His watch must have said 'beer 'o' clock' or possibly, 'half-past lager'. The lazy, slacking, sponger.

Good to see that Nathan issupping some kind of bizarre alcopop, instead of the world famous Cologne lagers, famed for their clarity and purity. Anyway, why hasn't he been doing anything to do with games in the last few pictures?

Finally, this is to do with games: inside the Sony press conference. They are asking us to 'come and play'. To find out what was said read ourSony Press Conference report.It was more than just 'come and play'.

This man (Kaz Hirai) talked about the new PlayStation 3: the PS3 Slim.

And showed this big slide. UK price strangely not shown here (£249.99).

That's the Sony conference over then. Time for a...

... currywurst. Speciality of Cologne. We won't say what we think it looks like because eventhe thought of it makes us sick in our mouths.

The place is where the show happens, minus any people. No. Wait...

...there's a couple of girls in there. Girls dressed in promotional game attire. Better take a picture. Then back awaymuttering under our breath,runfor the special bus andhome to safety.

That's better.

More later... be sure to find out what happens next! (Like, see some actual games.)