GC 09: GamesRadar's Photo Diary

Evening of Day 3 and morning of Day 4

Dinner last night with some people from Ubisoft. And what's that we're eating?

Phew. It's a burger again. If you've been following this diary since Wednesday you'll know just how bad our diets arewhile away at game shows.

That's a mojito, not pond water. Seems Nathan isn't overly into the beer.

Which is unfortunate given you can only buy it in racks of 10 shot glasses.

This guy from Official Xbox 360 magazine UK got his back wet. The evening ended here.

Last day at the show, feeling a bitgroggy after last nigh. Thanks,Konami, for your revitalising Messi-branded energy drink.

This bloke was loitering around the Konami stand this morning. He demanded we have our picture taken together.

Evening of Day 2 and morning of Day 3

Nathan getting down to the business ofbreathing ina beef patty made of 99% cow's anus pipe.

This is the party we attended last (Wednesday) night. It's what we'vecome to expectfrom a German videogame convention party.

James Jarvis of Official UK PlayStation magazine drinks the free beer, supplied in thimble-sized glasses. The evening ended here.

Here we are back at the show again on Thursday morning. Check out the girl in the middle of the shot - she's not supposed to be here. She thought this was the leisure center.

Important men of games get ready to watch the newUncharted 2 demo.

Difficult not to look likea tool while playing Tony HawkRide.In the futureevery day-to-day taskwill be done using a plastic imitation of the real thing.

Speaking of which... More men of games play Guitar Hero 5, in a glass cube. One of them is so excited he's phoning his mum to tell her.

A three-foot tall Sackboy. Some clown will undoubtedly steal this at the end of the show and then feel very foolish trying to get it through security at the airport.

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