Helldivers 2 players completed their latest Major Order so quickly that many didn't even get to participate: "WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT'S ALREADY OVER?"

A line of enemy Terminids in Helldivers 2.
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Helldivers 2 players are efficient – so efficient, in fact, that the Major Order that was only just handed out yesterday has already been completed, and many people didn't even get to contribute because it was over so fast. 

In case you missed it (and if you blinked at any point yesterday, you may well have), we were tasked with taking down 100 million Terminids, "ideally using a variety of means – in order to aid scientific research." Bug-squashing enthusiasts didn't need any excuse to rise to the challenge, and were quick to bring out the big guns and throw everything they had at the freedom-hating critters. Within just eight hours, it was already over, with nothing but a trail of millions of bug splats to indicate it ever happened.  

While our victory is certainly cause for celebration, not everyone is thrilled, as it also means that not everyone managed to join in in the first place. "BROTHER I JUST GOT ON HOPING TO KILL SOME BUGS WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT'S ALREADY OVER," one fan writes on Reddit.

"I sneezed before it went live and it was over before I could wipe my tears," jokes a Discord user in the official Helldivers 2 server. 

Perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised that it was over so fast, though. After all, back in April, we were tasked with killing two billion Terminids, and managed to do that within 12 hours, although it's worth noting that the kill tracking was bugged at the time, sometimes recording four times the amount of kills it should have. Even so, we were definitely well prepared for this moment with plenty of seasoned bug squashers on our side, and even if April's Major Order was a bit broken, the target for this one was still five times less if we say that all of the kills were quadrupled three months ago.

So now the question remains, what happens next? After the notorious 'two billion Terminids' Major Order, we were tasked with defeating the exact same number of Automatons, which unfortunately the power of democracy just wasn't strong enough for. Does that mean we might get a repeat of that? Not necessarily, but if we do, hopefully the kill target will be similarly smaller than last time. 

Helldivers 2 CEO promises "our intent is to add more stuff for long term progression," and he's turning to the community for ideas.

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