Helldivers 2 players think they've squished 2 billion Terminids in 12 hours, but some are worried the latest Major Order was tracking kills wrong

A line of enemy Terminids in Helldivers 2.
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The new Helldivers 2 Major Order was smashed through in under a day, but some players are concerned the game wasn't tracking Terminid kills correctly.

Yesterday, Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead issued a new Major Order to slay two billion Terminids in right around six days - and players got off to a flying start, squashing 100 million of them in an hour. Players would've had to collectively obliterate roughly 400 million Terminids every day for six days to complete the Major Order.

It turns out all Super Earth's soldiers needed was 12 hours. The tweet below claims that Helldivers 2 players vanquished the two billion Terminid troopers in approximately 12 hours, a resounding victory for Super Earth. It's hard to tell whether developer Arrowhead saw this coming, but six days for the task always seemed like a lot of time for players.

However, some players are concerned that Helldivers 2 wasn't correctly tracking player kills throughout the Major Order. The player below, for example, claims to have run some calculations while monitoring real-time tracking data in Helldivers 2, and claims that the shooter was incorrectly counting three Terminid kills, when it should've only counted one kill instead.

The Current MO is triple counting kills. from r/Helldivers

A commenter points out that it could be similar to 'Personal Orders' in Helldivers 2. If a squad kills 1,000 Terminids collectively, the Personal Order allegedly multiplies that kill count for every member of the squad, as if they'd all killed 1,000 Terminids individually instead.

There's a slight lack of game data to back up any of this claim, although it's fairly reasonable. Right now, there hasn't been any comment from Arrowhead on the matter, although given how its developers frequently interact with players via Discord and Twitter, we'd expect a statement on the matter sooner rather than later.

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