Helldivers 2 CEO promises "our intent is to add more stuff for long term progression," and he's turning to the community for ideas

Helldivers 2
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Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead is looking to "long term progression," and its new CEO is asking the community for their ideas.

In a recent post on Reddit, one end-game player argued for an end to "maxed or useless resources." Having seemingly earned everything they had their eyes on, they seem to have been racking up the requisition slips and super samples for some time now. Claiming that their hope isn't to speed up progression but simply to give them something, anything, to spend their in-game currency on, they even say "I'd be happy with the absolute most insane exchange rates you can think of," citing the idea of a 50,000-slip payout for even a single common sample.

That's something that new Arrowhead CEO Shams Jorjani seems sympathetic towards. In one of his first forays into the Helldivers subreddit in nearly a month, he told the player that "our intent is of course to add more stuff for long term progression." As for what that might be, however, Jorjani seems unsure, telling players he "would love to hear suggestions."

Those suggestions did come, with one player suggesting a community-wide donation towards a new strategem, and another pointing towards the weapon upgrade systems from the original Helldivers. The original poster even chimed in pointing to the way that Hades handles the exchange of its various currencies. Clearly that's a very different type of game, but the idea is already present within the industry - Arrowhead would, theoretically, just have to "skew the rations as you all see fit."

However that "long term progression" shapes up, it seems as though we might not get anything firm in the short term. With Jorjani still fielding suggestions from the community, it seems unlikely that Arrowhead is ready to roll out something brand-new.

Jorjani has been making himself known elsewhere in the community recently, asking his devs to please keep the weird emote glitch that allows divers to massively reduce fall damage.

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