Helldivers 2 gets a new weapon, and players are just glad it's not the Anti-Tank Mines: "I would have straight up uninstalled"

Helldivers 2
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It's official, Helldivers 2's new weapon is indeed the quad missile launcher that was accidentally leaked in a PlayStation email newsletter last month, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief that we weren't being baited with the Anti-Tank Mines.

This comes as part of the ongoing Major Order in Helldivers 2, which tasks us with keeping planet X-45 under Super Earth control and out of the freedom-hating grasp of the deadly Automatons. However, it just so happens that the planet is home to an Advanced Weapons Lab from the first Galactic War (basically, Helldivers 1), and last week, an in-game Strategic Update teased that there might be a cache of classic weapons stored there. Now, the MLS-4X Commando missile launcher has been unearthed, and is already available to try out for the duration of the Major Order on X-45 to show those Automatons who's boss.

The new MLS-4X Commando Rocket Launcher from r/Helldivers

We thought that the quad missile launcher was probably going to be added to the game at some point after it was recognized in a screenshot in a PlayStation email, but considering the alternative Stratagem we could have been given, I'm sure many couldn't be happier to see it. There's nothing wrong with the Anti-Tank Mines, but loyal Helldivers have already passed on them multiple times in previous Major Orders (look, we were never going to abandon those poor children on Vernen Wells), so they're clearly not the most popular choice. However, having featured in the first game as an upgrade for the Anti-Personnel Mines, there would have been nothing stopping Game Master Joel from forcibly handing them to us here.

It would have been pretty funny, to be fair, but almost certainly the least exciting option we could have had, and the community is very relieved that Joel didn't pull a fast one. "If they had given us those instead of Commando I would have straight up uninstalled," one Discord user writes

The only catch of the MLS-4X Commando is that at the time of writing, we're doing so well in the Major Order that we can't actually use it. Since X-45 is currently 100% under Super Earth control, you can't be deployed there, and since that's the only place you can try it out, many players haven't actually had the chance to give it a go yet. Here's hoping that it'll be available to unlock for everyone after the Major Order is over.

Helldivers 2 dev says "no new Warbond yet," reaffirming Arrowhead's commitment to slow them down and provide quality over quantity.

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