Look away please, PlayStation has seemingly leaked a new Helldivers 2 Stratagem that looks like something straight out of the original game

Helldivers 2 story trailer
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Uh oh, it looks like a brand new Helldivers 2 Stratagem has been leaked early, but from perhaps the last source you'd expect.

Patriotic Helldivers 2 players are always looking forward to being given new ways to spread managed democracy and show the Terminids and Automatons what liberty tastes like, but it seems one upcoming weapon of mass destruction might have been unveiled a bit earlier than intended. Multiple players have made posts on Reddit (which you can find here, as well as here) reporting that an image of a new quad missile launcher was included in a recent official PlayStation email, despite the fact that the email itself makes absolutely no reference to it. 

The supposed email section actually discusses the addition of the Airburst Rocket Launcher, which was added to the game following the liberation of Penta in an April Major Order, as well as the Anti-Tank Mines, which it amusingly states "remain stubbornly unavailable for patriotic purposes." However, the picture definitely doesn't match either of these things or anything that's actually in the shooter at the time of writing. You can take a look below.

Sony just leaked a new stratagem! from r/Helldivers

It was quickly pointed out by veteran Helldivers fans that whatever it is looks an awful lot like the MLS-4X Commando missile launcher from the first game, so it seems that it could potentially be making a comeback in some fashion. It's worth keeping in mind that Arrowhead hasn't made an official announcement about the weapon, so right now it's not confirmed when – or even if – it'll be rolled out to everyone. 

Assuming it does though, let's just hope it doesn't meet the same fate as the Anti-Tank Mines, which players have missed out on unlocking multiple times due to a mix of straight-up failure and simply choosing the other option in decision-based Major Orders. However, in its most recent appearance, Helldivers everywhere chose to abandon the mines in favor of saving the Super Earth children trapped on Vernen Wells, in a decision which even led to Arrowhead making a real-life donation to Save the Children, so needless to say, it was very worth it.

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