Helldivers 2 dev says "no new Warbond yet," reaffirming Arrowhead's commitment to slow them down and provide quality over quantity

Helldivers 2 Viper Commandos
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A new Helldivers 2 Warbond isn't on the cards right now, as Arrowhead isn't revealing the "interval between them" just yet.

Last month, Arrowhead said it had been listening to fan feedback surrounding Warbonds, and would be slowing down the cadence of its release schedule. This was because the developer wanted to choose quality over quantity, putting in weapons and gear that would genuinely affect Helldivers 2, and not a deluge of items that would quickly be forgotten.

And so, today on July 4, a Helldivers 2 developer has reaffirmed that commitment. "The date for the next Warbond hasn't been revealed, nor the internal between them going forward," ever-present Arrowhead community manager Twinbeard wrote in the Helldivers 2 Discord just earlier today. In short, don't expect a Warbond this week, as we usually would during the first week of every month.

Somewhat confusingly, Twinbeard then says that the "decision to increase the cadence from what was prior monthly still hands however, so no new Warbond yet." I think, given Arrowhead's past comments and commitments, that Twinbeard meant to write "decrease" instead of "increase" here, reaffirming the studio's stance on decreasing the cadence of Warbond releases.

So right now, we're in the dark as for when to expect Helldivers 2's next Warbond to release. Considering the last few Warbonds - Polar Patriots and Viper Commandos - have been pretty warmly received by the overall player base, Arrowhead could be going from strength to strength with its new attitude towards additional weapons, armor, and items.

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