How to get the Destiny 2 Microcosm Exotic weapon

Destiny 2 Microcosm exotic weapon
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Adding the Destiny 2 Microcosm Exotic weapon to your personal armory is simple as completing three special co-op missions in the Pale Heart. It's a nice and easy Exotic weapon quest compared to some of the others in Destiny 2 and leaves you with a powerful and very unique Kinetic-damage Trace Rifle that uses Heavy ammo and absolutely shreds through enemy shields. Here's everything you need to know about unlocking Microcosm in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Convalescence: Budding quest explained

Destiny 2 Microcosm exotic weapon quest convalescence budding

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Convalescence: Budding is a simple Exotic quest that you pick up from Micah-10 after completing a few of her other Convalescence quests. Budding tasks you with simply completing all three Cooperative Focus missions (Ascent, Dissent, and Destiny 2 Iconoclasm) from the Destiny 2 The Final Shape campaign. Once you've done that, you can return to Micah at the Arbor of Light and get the Exotic Kinetic Heavy Trace Rifle, Microcosm. Don't forget to grab the secret Destiny 2 Prismatic Fragments in each of these missions too.

Destiny 2 cooperative focus mode missions on pale heart map

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You'll find the three Destiny 2 Cooperative Focus missions as individual activity nodes on the Pale Heart map under 'Replayable Missions'. Unsurprisingly, the Cooperative Focus modifier emphasises cooperative play by adding extra mechanics and modifiers. These make the missions a bit trickier in places and require you to communicate well with your teammates and be on your toes. You should definitely buddy up with at least one other person – but preferably two to make a full three-person fireteam – and ensure you've got a way to speak to each other.

Microcosm is a relatively easy exotic weapon to get in The Final Shape then, especially compared to the Destiny 2 Khvostov, which requires all sorts of collectibles, primarily the Lost Encryption Bits and Visions of the Traveler.

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