This fan-made Elden Ring anime teaser shows a greatest hits collection of the RPG's bosses, and it's out later this year

FromSoftware/@SteinsAlter via Twitter
(Image credit: FromSoftware/@SteinsAlter via Twitter)

Elden Ring is getting a five-minute fan-made anime adaptation later this year, and you can watch a sneak peek trailer right now.

The production's lead, SteinsAlter on Twitter, revealed the brief teaser trailer for the forthcoming Elden Ring anime adaptation earlier today. The trailer sort of plays out as a greatest hits collection of in-game bosses, showing off the likes of Malenia, Mohg, Radigon, and Maliketh, the Black Blade, while even teasing DLC bosses like Messmer.

The anime's director also reveals that the full anime adaptation will be five minutes in total. Yes, that's admittedly not long, and cramming Elden Ring into five minutes is a herculean task, but even with a full development team working on the animation, putting out five minutes of an animation of this quality is incredibly tough, demanding work.

SteinsAlter also adds in another tweet that the teaser trailer isn't reflective of the final product. "Nothing is at the level I aimed for," the director writes of the teaser trailer's quality, adding that he's something of a "perfectionist." Perhaps that's another indicator of why the animation team behind this is keeping the entire adaptation to just five minutes.

Oddly, this all comes after talk of a potential Elden Ring movie adaptation last month in June. FromSoftware studio president and Elden Ring game director Hidetaka Miyazaki said that he would be interested in an adaptation of the huge RPG, but only if he's not heavily involved, because no one at the studio has "the knowledge or ability."

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