Not content with beating Elden Ring with nothing but her brain, the mind-controlling streamer is back and battering Shadow of the Erdtree's tough bosses

Shadow of the Erdtree Divine Beast Dancing Lion
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Elden Ring's brain-powered streamer is back again, and this time she's beaten Shadow of the Erdtree's first two main bosses using her nothing but her mind.

Twitch streamer Perrikaryal grabbed headlines in 2023 for beating the entirety of Elden Ring using nothing but her freaking mind. The streamer utilizes a brain imaging device to monitor her mental activity, and uses this data to manipulate the way her Tarnished moves and functions on-screen. 

Having beaten FromSoftware's base game, Perrikaryal is now playing through Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, having started the odyssey last week on June 22. The Divine Beast Dancing Lion proved no challenge for the streamer's literal brain power, as she downed the beast in the video just below and made the entire thing look weirdly easy.

Rellana, Twin Moon Knight, widely seen as one of the more difficult bosses in Shadow of the Erdtree, an already incredibly tough expansion, similarly fell to Perrikaryal's Tarnished in the clip below. It's suitably mind-blowing seeing the streamer obviously strain to put certain mental images in their head, which correspond to on-screen actions like healing, dodging, and attacking.

I struggled to beat the Divine Beast Dancing Lion and Rellana with my own two hands, so Perrikaryal's really showing me up here. If you're curious about the streamer's actual setup and the finer workings of her brain imaging device, I'd highly recommend giving Perrikaryal a follow on Twitch - she regularly explains during livestreams how her device actually works.

Elsewhere in the streaming community, Kai Cenat is nearing the conclusion of Shadow of the Erdtree after more than 51 hours and 536 deaths, and it looks like he's had the absolute time of his life in the process. 

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