It’s action stations for team SFX as we race to finish issue 202

As much as we’d like to think it’s all fun and games in the SFX office, sometimes there’s no other option but to put our heads down and get some work done. And this has been one of those weeks with the team clicking, interviewing and touch typing themselves into an early grave. Ok maybe things aren’t quite that bad, but we have a flair for the dramatic.

Dave B's big London meeting with the publishing director got cancelled at the last minute, so he gets to stay here, finish off the mag and sort through applications for the new Editorial Assistant. Nick meanwhile is still living the good life on the Cote d'Azur, we wonder how many (shaken, not stirred) Martinis he’s sipped by now?

Ian is currently at home beavering away on a feature on forthcoming Let The Right One In remake Let Me In , after spending what seemed like about two years transcribing his interview with director Matt Reeves. Boy, that guy can talk! Ian clocked him at about 185 words per minute, and found that it helped to slow the sound file down to about 94%... He's also seen the film, by the way. Nutshell verdict: not quite a masterpiece like the original, but still an honest, caring, respectful adaptation. Ian also finally committed the email faux pas he’s expected for years now after sending details of his completed review pages not to production editor Russell Lewin, but to Russell T Davies instead. Fortunately Russell T (currently working away on Torchwood: The New World ) saw the funny side, Russell L not so much as he wanted to know what the jimmy was going on with reviews.

Rich hasn’t forgotten about the important things in life, namely getting warm and fuzzy feelings of nostalgia watching the awesome extras on the new Back To The Future Blu-ray. He also can’t wait to see the original movie on the big screen next week (he says he’s more excited about seeing it than pretty much any other movie this year). Jordan’s also had his nostalgia buttons pushed this week by the Alien Anthology Blu-ray, which somehow manages to cram even more essential stuff onto the six discs than the superlative Quadrilogy DVD. He’s more than a little disappointed that “Quadrilogy” never became a proper word though.


Random Quote Of The Week : “This is going to be a week where SFX is up in your face.”

Random plea of the week : Did you know our Twitter feed now has 9,904 followers – that’s almost 10,000! We’ll give you all a big hug* if you recommend us to a friend and push us over 10k (*note: all hugs will be metaphorical embraces, unless you happen to see us on the street)

Whose T-shirt? (last week’s answer – they were Dave Golder’s camo converse. Bet you couldn’t spot them in front of his satchel, eh? We’re crafty like that)

Jordan Farley
Deputy Editor, Total Film

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