Friday Link-A-Mania

Another Cast Announcement for Dollhouse
Olivia Williams, who appeared briefly in X-Men: The Last Stand as Doctor Moira McTaggart (she was the woman in the post-end-credits extra scene) has been signed up for Dollhouse. According to Variety she plays, "the beautiful but ruthless woman in charge of the venue where drones are programmed to perform various missions in the real world.”

Designer Label 3D Specs
Would you like to watch movies in 3D but worry that a pair of plastic specs just don’t go with your carefully groomed image? Never fear. Variety reports that a US company has teamed up with the makers of Ray-Ban sunglasses to create a range of designer 3D goggles. "You will be using these high-end Ray-Ban glasses at home, on your computer and TV, and then you'll stick them in your pocket and take them to the theatre," says Yuska Siuicki of Kerner Optical. "They are much more comfortable than what is out there now, and the lenses will soon be available in prescription. This space is exploding."

Cute Robot Alert!
More than a few internet pundits have noted that Pixar’s Wall-E bears more than a passing resemblance to Number 5 from the ’80s SF comedy Short Circuit. And now that it looks like Wall-E is going to be a huge hit, it’s no surprise someone has snapped up the rights to remake Short Circuit. According to Variety Dimension Films has acquired the property and the film’s original writers, SS Wilson and Brent Maddock, are on board to pen the script.

Quantum of Solace Set Report
USA Today has a set report from the Quantum of Solace shoot in Chile, and two new pics, one of which features Gemma Arterton in character as Agent Fields (looking disturbingly like a young Anne Robinson).