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Friday Link-A-Mania

Watch Peter Jackson seething with anger; will Colin Farrell star in Total Recall ? Will Kick-Ass ’s Aaron Johnson be the new giant killer? And Eliza Dushku in The Big Bang Theory

Eliza Dushku On The Big Bang Theory

Entertainment Weekly has the first pic of Eliza Dushku in the upcoming The Big Bang Theory episode “The Apology Insuffiency,” in which she plays a federal agent who has to interview the gang so that Wolowitz can be okayed to work on a new project for the Defense Department.

Watch Peter Jackson Positively Seething With Anger About The Actors’ Unions
Here’s a very interesting video from New Zealand TV in which both sides of the industrial dispute affecting The Hobbit films state their case. In the case of the actors’ unions’ boss, stating it very badly… How smug is that woman? Good to see the viewers of the show all seemed to email in to point out what a complete arse she was being as well… Honestly, it’s long but it’s worth listening to the whole lot, as it clarifies a lot of the details in what has been a very confusing ongoing story. And complicates some other details. And hey, Jackson says he’s sitting in front of the set for Gollum’s cave! So tantalising…