Free Guy duo Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy's time travel movie heading to Netflix in 2022

The Adam Project
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Straight off the back of Free Guy, director and star Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds filmed another heart-warming actioner, The Adam Project, and it's headed to Netflix soon.

The movie stars Reynolds as a man who travels back in time to get assistance from his younger self in helping his father. Mark Ruffalo plays his father, Jennifer Garner plays his mother and Zoe Saldana plays his fighter pilot wife.

Levy spoke to Collider about the upcoming film, promising an imminent trailer for the movie which he and Reynolds are "really excited about". 

"You're going to see a trailer this year, without question, you're going to see the movie on Netflix in the first quarter of next year," he adds.

Like Free Guy, The Adam Project is an original movie, not based on any existing properties. But that's not to say it doesn't boast its fair share of influences. "Obviously there's a load of action," says Levy, "and really all the things we want from a time travel adventure movie… And the fun of it is very much kind of Back to the Future-inspired, but the heart of it is more Frequency and Field of Dreams. 

Because imagine if you could go and have empathy for your parents now that you know what you know as an adult. Imagine being able to tell your kid self, ‘Yo buddy, you're going to be okay. You're going to be okay.’ It literally gives me goosebumps because this is a fundamental human journey. And this Jonathan Tropper screenplay taps into that yearning, but in the vessel of just rad big-budget action-adventure."

Levy's talent for big-budget spectacle is evident from the opening shot of Free Guy, but it's the good heart at the center of the story which makes it work. Much like his 2011 sci-fi movie Real Steel about robot boxers starring Hugh Jackman. On the surface, it's a popcorn actioner, but it made this writer get all weepy. Looks like The Adam Project could be a real crowd-pleaser.

Until we score a specific release date for The Adam Project, we’ve put together a list of the best Netflix movies you can stream right now. 

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