Fortnite Week 7 challenge: Follow the treasure map found in Pleasant Park

It's treasure map time again in this week's Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges, and if you want to find the map itself then head into the middle of the three houses along the north side of Pleasant Park and look under the stairs. As always, you don't need to visit it to collect the prize on the actual Fortnite map, so you can just head straight to Tilted Towers to find your reward. Oh, and there's a pickaxe damage challenge as well, so good luck with that when you land. 

Here's how to follow the treasure map found in Pleasant Park in Fortnite's Week 7 challenges: 

How to follow the treasure map found in Pleasant Park 1: head to Tilted Towers on the map

Let's just skip past finding the treasure map in Pleasant Park, because no one actually needs it. Instead just jump the bus when your near Tilted Towers and aim for the hills on the south east side. 

How to follow the treasure map found in Pleasant Park 2: Aim for the small hill

As you approach the south east side of Tilted Towers look for this little hill. It shouldn't be hard to spot because with the pickaxe damage challenge running as well - it'll be covered in people collecting stars and then fighting to nail two birds with one stone. 

How to follow the treasure map found in Pleasant Park 3: pick up the stars

The stars will appear between the two trees when you get close. Grab them when they pop up, and then start swinging that pick axe for the 'Deal damage with a pickaxe to opponents' challenge while you're there. 

In case you missed it, you can now download Fortnite on Switch BUT you can't sign in on Switch with your Fortnite account if you've played on PS4, so... great. 

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