How to decorate Fortnite traffic lights for Winterfest

Decorate Fortnite traffic lights
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Fortnite traffic lights are not the most exciting things to look at, which is why you need to decorate three of them by interacting to give them a festive makeover. There are six possible locations available, which means you only need to visit half of them in order to tick this Fortnite Winterfest quest off your list. There are lots of roads running across the island in Fortnite, which means it would be really useful to narrow down exactly where to find these street signals ready for sprucing up. That's what we're here to help with, so read on for all of the locations where you can decorate traffic lights in Fortnite.

Where to find Fortnite traffic lights

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There are a total of six Fortnite traffic lights locations you can use for this quest, which we've marked on the map above. They can be found in these places:

  1. Beep 'N Bounce gas station
  2. North Slappy Shores
  3. South Slappy Shores
  4. Hitches And Ditches gas station
  5. West Faulty Splits
  6. East Faulty Splits

You only need to decorate three of these Fortnite traffic lights, which can be done in any order and over multiple matches if required. Due to their locations, the easiest way to complete this quest is to decorate the two traffic lights in Faulty Splits then head west to the one at Hitches and Ditches, or vice versa.

How to decorate traffic lights for Winterfest in Fortnite

Decorate Fortnite traffic lights

(Image credit: Epic Games)

To decorate Fortnite traffic lights for Winterfest, all you need to do is approach the dark outline of the post, which will become translucent when you target it, then follow the Interact prompt when you get close enough to it. You'll see a blue target with an exclamation mark appear in both your main view and on the map when you get near, to help you zero in on the exact location needed. Once you've interacted, you'll decorate the traffic lights with a pair of antlers and fairy lights, along with a green and brown paint job. Repeat this at three locations in total, and your quest will be complete. Happy Holidays!

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