Visit different Taco Shops in Fortnite - all the taco shop locations on the map

The Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges have been updated for Fortnite Season 4, and it's rumoured that one of them requires you to visit three different Taco Shops in a single match. If you're a seasoned Fortnite player and this task sounds familiar, then you probably remember it from Season 3 which featured the exact same challenge. Completing it can be quite tricky as there are only five Taco Shops on the whole map, but we've got the details on all their locations below as well as the best route to take. For each one, open the door and go inside the Taco Shop to make sure it registers.

Route wise, given their locations, your best bet is to start with the giant wooden chair south of Shifty Shafts, then head north west to the indoor football pitch area, before swinging across to the east and ending up in Tilted Towers. Don't forget that you can still complete this challenge while inside the Storm, so if you're struggling to complete it then stocking up on bandages and medkits before running this route in the Storm could help you out. For full details, check out our video below:

Taco Shop location: Giant Wooden Chair south of Shifty Shafts

To the south of Shifty Shafts in grid D8 is a giant wooden chair which is pretty difficult to miss, and opposite it you'll find a Taco Shop along with a house and several barns.

Taco Shop location: Indoor Football Pitch west of Tilted Towers

To the west of Tilted Towers in grid C5 you’ll find an area with an indoor football pitch, an indoor swimming pool, a Pass 'N' Gas station, and the all-important Taco Shop.

Taco Shop location: Tilted Towers

On the west side of Tilted Towers itself in grid D5 (near the second T in Tilted) you'll find another Taco Shop on the corner of a building next to a small park.

Taco Shop location: Tomato Town

On the north side of Tomato Town in grid G3, you find another Taco Shop in the corner behind an ice cream truck.

Taco Shop location: Retail Row

Right in the middle of Retail Row in grid H6, this final Taco Shop sits between a basketball court and the Noms store.

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