The Fortnite season 9 trailer is here, and it charts out a bright new future of battle royale

The Fortnite season 9 trailer has arrived alongside the Fortnite patch notes today, which essentially terraforms the Fortnite map again in Epic's free to play battle royale game. But fruit lovers, be warned; some bananas may have been harmed during filming. 

Playing out like a blackly comic reinterpretation of Fallout 76, the Fortnite season 9 trailer (which you can watch in the video above) shows Jonesy and Peely the Banana fleeing into the depths of an underground vault as the Fortnite season 8 volcano erupts once again. 

The time in isolation begins innocently enough, as the pair enjoy arcade games and weight lifting together, but it's not long until they run out of food, at which point things get... dark. Several months, or perhaps years later, Jonesy emerges from the vault to Fortnite season 9's new futuristic map, having blended Peely down into a banana milkshake for sustenance. Yikes. 

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It appears as though Peely is still sentient in liquid form, and even flashes a smile or two upon discovering the sights of Neo Tilted... but still, this is the most macabre Fortnite has been since that creepy Christmas trailer from Fortnite season 7. In any case, the CGI trailer sets up what's to come for this season of battle royale, including a breathtaking new backdrop inspired by the kind of futurism that contrasts well against the more apocalyptic settings of previous seasons. 

This trailer follows on from the previous Fortnite season 9 teasers, which have long been pointing towards a brighter and tech-focused future for the popular battle royale title. But the changes aren't just cosmetic, season 9 - which has rolled out on all available platforms as of today -  brings a whole host of new features to the experience, including new weapons, currencies, and more. You can read the full patch notes for Update 9.00 on Epic's website right here for the complete list of tweaks and additions. 

For more, check out our latest Fortnite tips to stay alive and ahead of the competition in season 9, or watch the video below for a guide to everything else that's out this week. 

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