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Fortnite Season 6 trailer brings all the crossover characters together for a big brawl

Fortnite season 6
(Image credit: Epic)

The Fortnite Season 6 trailer is here to bring in the new season of Epic's battle royale.

You can check out the full launch trailer for Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 6 just below. In the trailer, Agent Jones speeds through a battlefield of characters that arrived in Fortnite over the last few months, essentially a greatest hits mashup of the game featuring stars like Kratos, Master Chief, Ryu, Ripley, the Xenomorph, and many others.

At the end of the trailer, Agent Jones encounters a newcomer, who proceeds to smack him around before reluctantly joining forces to fix the Zero Point Crisis on the Fortnite map. This then leads into the single-player scenario that players will drop into when booting up the new season for the first time, which Epic previously announced earlier this month.

Right now, Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 6 is live on all platforms around the world. You can now drop into the action on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, where you can play through the Zero Point Crisis finale as Agent Jones.

As for the new season itself, Season 6 is dubbed "Primal" by Fortnite, generally carrying the theme of the wilderness after Season 5's crazy crossovers of Halo, God of War, Street Fighter, and more. There are new map locations to explore, new characters to unlock, and an entirely new battle pass to progress through, which stars characters like Tom Raider's Lara Croft, among other new original creations from Epic Games.

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