Fortnite Republic chests: Where to find them

Fortnite Republic chests
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Fortnite Republic chests are special containers linked to the current Find the Force event, which you can only discover in a few specific locations around the island. Not only do you need to open some of these for a quest linked to the Fortnite Star Wars battle pass, but there are further assignments to be completed using the DC-15 Blaster Rifle which can only be obtained from these Star Wars chests – unless you eliminate another player who happens to be carrying one, of course. If you need to get you hands on that particular Star Wars loot, then here's where to find Republic chests in Fortnite.

Where to find Republic chests in Fortnite

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There are currently three Fortnite Republic chests locations, which you'll discover in the battle royale at the following places marked on the above map:

  1. Northeast of Shattered Slabs
  2. Southwest of Frenzy Fields
  3. West of Slappy Shores

Don't confuse these with the Fortnite Scout Regiment Footlockers found in other locations around the island, as although those are also special chests they have different markings and are linked to the Fortnite Attack on Titan event instead.

Tents containing Fortnite Republic chests

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At each of those locations you'll find a couple of tents housing two Star Wars chests in Fortnite, which can be searched to count towards this quest as well as providing you with the powerful DC-15 Blaster Rifle. That gun deals huge damage upon impact and has infinite ammunition, though if you fire it too regularly it will overhead and you'll need to wait through a brief cooldown period before it can be used again. However, the Republic chests do not contain lightsabers, so if you're looking for those then you'll need to visit one of the Fortnite Rift Gates to learn Force abilities and collect that particular weapon.

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