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The Fortnite replay challenge is no more, it's been replaced

Fortnite's Ramirez has a crick in her neck.

If you attempted to dive into the Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges last night and thought you could quickly tick off a couple, you'll probably have noticed that the Fortnite replay challenge wasn't working. Epic Games stated that it was aware of the issues and a patch was inbound. Well, that patch is now here and rather than fixing the Fortnite replay challenge, it's actually replaced it with a totally different challenge entirely. 

So this week, instead of simply having to watch a replay, you've now got to revive five other players, which definitely isn't on the same difficulty level. 

Fortnite's Battle Pass Challenges now include having to revive five other players

Epic Games earlier tweet, which you can see below alerted players that there were some issues with v4.2 that may affect some challenges, which we had confirmation included the Fortnite replay challenge issue not working. But unfortunately it seems a fix was not found.

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Interestingly, this isn't the first time players have had issues with the replay tools, with complaints of corrupted files, and other issues. Epic Games was quick to fix the issues, so hopefully that's a sign of things to come for this particular quirk. 

Thankfully, the other Fortnite Season 4 challenges have all worked since the Battle Pass Challenges went live, but all are more complex to complete than simply watching a match replay. One of them requires hunting down 10 adorable rubber duckies, which are hidden around the map, pretty similar to how the Fortnite Gnome locations worked back in Season 3. There's also a treasure map to follow in Salty Springs.

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