Fortnite Pod Plants: Where to find them and what they do

Fortnite Pod Plants
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Fortnite Pod Plants are a recent addition to the battle royale, and these funky flora can be used to heal yourself or attack opponents deep within the jungle – that is, of course, if you know where they are and what they do. Players have been particularly interested in tracking down the flowers with offensive properties, as for the bonus trial unlocked in the Week 2 Fortnite quests you need to damage an opponent with a Pod Plant. For that you need to use either a Bomb Flower or Stink Flower, so for all of the details on where to find Pod Plants in Fortnite and how to use them, read on.

Where to find Pod Plants in Fortnite

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Pod Plants in Fortnite are found exclusively in the new jungle biome, which runs from Shady Stilts at the north of the island down to Creeky Compound and Rumble Ruins in the middle, which we've highlighted on the map shown above. The three different types of plants are all fairly evenly distributed across this area, but if you want to discover a decent cluster of them together then try looking just south east of Shady Stilts, inside Rumble Ruins itself, or around The Apparatus landmark to the southeast of Creeky Compound.

What do Fortnite Pod Plants do?

Fortnite Pod Plants

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There are three different types of Fortnite Pod Plants you can find growing in the jungle, which can be identified by their colors:

  • Purple = Bomb Flower
  • Yellow = Stink Flower
  • Blue = Slurp Plants

Each of these Pod Plants generates a different effect when triggered, which is done by shooting them or hitting them with a melee weapon. The Bomb Flowers will launch through the air before exploding where they land, while the Stink Flowers emit a cloud of noxious gas that will gradually damage anyone that comes into contact with it. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Slurp Plants spray out that familiar blue healing goo, though you'll need to be close by when it erupts to benefit from the effect of a health and shield boost.

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