Fortnite Ninja Turtle Supply Drops: Where to find them

Fortnite Ninja Turtle Supply Drops
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Fortnite Ninja Turtle Supply Drops have begun falling across the island, bringing with them Mythic Ninja Turtle weapons and some tasty pizza slices for players who can find and search them. Not only will these provide a significant tactical advantage during a match, but if you're working through the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cowabunga Pass then you'll need to search a drop for one of the Fortnite quests attached to it. If you're looking for help to track down these reptilian caches, then here's everything you need to know about Ninja Turtle Supply Drops in Fortnite and how to search them.

Where to find Ninja Turtle Supply Drops in Fortnite

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Much like the regular supply drops, Ninja Turtle Supply Drops in Fortnite will appear in random locations across the island during the course of a match, however there are a lot more of them available to collect. Keep an eye on your map, as once these drops spawn they'll be marked with one of four icons representing which individual Turtle is featured on them by color and weapon outline, as highlighted in the image above.

The Ninja Turtle Supply Drops themselves look like a supply crate with one of the four Heroes in a Half Shell's heads attached in balloon form, and more than one drop for the same Turtle can appear concurrently in a match. When searched, each drop will provide a Epic Pizza Party recovery item plus one of the following Mythic Ninja Turtle weapons:

  • Blue: Leonardo's Katanas
  • Purple: Donatello's Staff
  • Red: Raphael’s Sai
  • Orange: Michelangelo's Nunchaku

All of those weapons have four abilities, which function in much the same way. If you hold down the primary fire button then you'll keep swinging the weapon, while having it equipped will allow you to double jump. Pressing primary fire while airborne will unleash an air attack, while your secondary fire button is used to dash with your weapon, and either of those moves will use one of your three available charges which replenish after ten seconds.

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