Fortnite Naruto crossover turns the battle royale shooter into a playable ninja gallery

Naruto skins have come to Fortnite thanks to the battle royale shooter's latest crossover update, which also contains a smorgasbord of anime ninja items and challenges. 

Manga artist Masashi Kishimoto probably never planned for the main characters of his long-running manga to be airlifted into a cartoonish multiverse for a fight to the death, but that hasn't stopped Fortnite from doing what it does best: turning media properties into video game fashion. 

The Fortnite Naruto update is headlined by character skins based on Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and Kakashi Hatake – the core of Team 7, which the Naruto manga and anime primarily focus on. This crossover is based on the Naruto Shippuden versions of these characters, but there are also alternate costumes for Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi that touch on other eras, most notably the sequel series Boruto. 

It's not just skins, either. Fortnite's got Naruto back bling including giant shuriken and stealthy cloaks, pickaxes like kunai and one Akatsuki member's tri-tipped scythe, and the ramen break and summoning jutsu emotes. There's even a glider version of Kurama, Naruto's nine-tailed fox frenemy. All of this stuff has been packed into three main cosmetic bundles focusing on Naruto and Kakashi, Sasuke and Sakura, and ninja gear respectively. 

Beyond items and cosmetics, Fortnite's Naruto update also introduced events and items that shake up the core gameplay a bit. You can meet Kakashi in the field to take on ninja-themed quests, and completing some will reward you with paper bomb kunai weapons which can also be found in chests and loot llamas. 

Additionally, Naruto fans can tour the Hidden Leaf Village through a new adventure map, which looks like a pretty impressive recreation at first blush, right down to the hokage wall. This is all sticking around until the end of the season, by the way, so get used to seeing a zillion Narutos running around. 

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