Fortnite mythic goldfish: What is it and how to get one

Now the Fortnite mythic goldfish has started to appear, which is a brand new item added for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1, you'll be able to complete some of the challenges that it's associated with. While the Fortnite mythic goldfish had been a mystery to people who had been trying to get Fortnite achievements done early, its appearance in the game now will allow them to tick off a few more challenges. Here's everything you need to know about the Fortnite mythic goldfish including how to get one and what it does.

How to get a Fortnite mythic goldfish

Fortnite fishing

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Catching a mythic goldfish requires you to be incredibly patient, as they're rare to find. But, you'll be able to get one by fishing around the map. It's worth the effort though, as they deal 200 HP damage.

There's three achievements which require the use of a Fortnite mythic goldfish:

  • No one will believe you caught this – Caught a Mythic Goldfish (1)
  • Sleep with the Fishes – Eliminated by a Mythic Goldfish (1)
  • Trophy Hunter – Eliminated an opponent with a Mythic Goldfish (1)

Fishing is a brand new mechanic and you can catch a Small Fry (heals 25 health up to a maximum of 75), a Flopper (heals 50 health), and a Slurpfish (heals 50 health or shield). It's also possible to fish out weapons and rusty cans, which deal 20 damage when thrown. 

As you can see in the tweet above, popular Fortnite leaker @HYPEX originally found the file for the mythic goldfish, (although it incorrectly stated it dealt 90 damage) which has started to appear in the game in recent weeks. 

Of course, with the mythic rarity, it's going to be a rare item to find anyway, so completing these achievements is going to be tough. We believe in you though.

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