Fortnite is teasing a big Season 10 ending event with countdown clocks all over the island

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It's been a controversial tenth season for Fortnite, what with the introduction of giant mechs called Brutes into the battlefield and the subsequent backlash and buffing that ensued. So when Epic announced that it was delaying the end of Season 10 by one week, players were a bit confused. 

The official Epic post read, "Season X has been extended one week to conclude on Sunday, October 13. This also means an additional week to complete your Battle Pass, so jump in and lock down all those Season X rewards!" Now it's looking like the delay is to help Epic cook up something, well, epic for the end of the season. Countdown clocks have appeared all over the island, on TV screens and above the rocket at Dusty Depot. Right now there are six more days left on the countdown, coinciding with the day Season 10 ends: October 13. 

Fortnite Season 9 ended with a Polar Peak monster and a Brute battling it out, the results of which led into the events of Season 10 - a singularity caused a time warp that sent the island back to the state it was in at the end of Season 3. The Visitor's Rocket appeared in Dusty Depot along with multiple rifts, which ushered in a bunch of crossovers like Batman and Borderlands.

Data miners are suggesting that Season 11 could usher in an entirely new map, in a move not unlike Apex Legends' recent map change for the game's own third season.

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Another data miner found information to suggest that the event will transport players to a zone between Loot Lake and Dusty Depot, where they may be trapped in a time loop.

No word yet on when Fortnite Season 11 will start - new seasons usually begin the Thursday after a season-ending event, but this is the first time an event has been held on a Sunday. We could be seeing Season 11 a little earlier than expected...

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