When does Fortnite Season 10 end? Epic has confirmed the final day...

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After a lot of speculation about when Fortnite Season 10 will come to an end, Epic has officially confirmed the season will conclude on October 13. The date has been revealed in a blog post on Epic's website, which also gives us more details about matchmaking, the addition of bots, and an update on the Combine event and new aiming controls. 

"Season X has been extended one week to conclude on Sunday, October 13," Epic states. "This also means an additional week to complete your Battle Pass, so jump in and lock down all those Season X rewards!" 

Earlier this week dataminer Lucas7yoshi found and shared code in Fortnite's API files on Twitter showing two dates. One date read "SeasonDisplayedEnd 2019-10-13 T 14:00Z." We speculated that this could be the date of the end of season event, and we now know it is the date Season 10 will officially draw to its conclusion. While the start date for Fortnite Season 11 hasn't been officially confirmed, historically new seasons tend to start in earnest on a Thursday, so it's quite likely Season 11 will begin on October 17 following Season 10's end. 

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Some big changes appear to be coming to the world of Fortnite in the upcoming season, with rumours recently circulating that Season 11 might be getting an entirely new map. The addition of bots was also announced but has caused some confusion within the Fortnite community about how they will actually work in practise and what purpose the bots will serve. In response, Epic has given a detailed breakdown of how the bots will feature in matches and what they will and won't be able to do. 

Season 10 has been quite a ride with mechs and Fortnite Rift Zones, and Season 11 looks set to see even more changes. While we don't know what the end of season event might be, we can hardly wait to see it unfold. 

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