Fortnite Bots explained along with new matchmaking system in Epic developer blog

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We learned recently that amid a major matchmaking overhaul, Fortnite would soon be getting Bots to help ease new players into more competitive matches, and now we're getting the answers we've wanted since we first heard the news. In a developer blog, Epic Games fills in key details about the new matchmaking system and answers some burning questions we've had about the elusive Bots coming in a future update.

Firstly, Epic addressed some of the controversy around the new matchmaking system pairing up PC players with console players, clarifying that the algorithm takes into account the user's platform when determining how to match them. If you aren't yet familiar, the new skill-based matchmaking system will pair up players of similar skill levels across different platforms and input formats. That means if you're playing on a PS4 with a controller, it's possible you'll be matched with a PC player using a mouse & keyboard setup if the algorithm deems it appropriate.

As for Bots, Epic took the time to breakdown some of the confusion around the new system with a brief, but telling, Q&A. Here's a summary, and note that most of the answers leave room for future change. You won't be able to party up with Bots, nor will you be able to play matches exclusively against Bots, although they're looking into something like that for training; Bots can't use vehicles (they're looking into this too) and they won't be in Creative mode (looking into it), and you won't spectate Bots that defeat you.

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