Apex Legends' first new map is coming: check out World's Edge

The start of Apex Legends season 3 will bring the first new map to the high-speed battle royale, a place of climate extremes called World's Edge. Apex Legends is further filling out the sci-fi universe it shares with Titanfall by setting the map on a new planet named Talos, which is a cool bit of lore. The part that players will really care about is how it combines zones of burning lava and icy spires alike, bridged by verdant fields and towering habitations.

The original map for Apex Legends, King's Canyon, has seen some changes since the game launched back in February: the massive Leviathans were set loose to trample parts of the map, and an old research facility related to Wraith's mysterious origins were brought to the surface, among other adjustments. But the move to World's Edge will be the first time that Apex Legends starts over on an entirely new map. It's not clear if you'll still be able to play on King's Canyon, but it looks like World's Edge will likely be the focal point for the events of season 3.

The trailer that introduces the season also gives us a fun look at the Legends in their downtime between matches. I love how they each have their own little living areas on the dropship (it looks like Octane's playing some Titanfall), and I am frankly amazed that they let Caustic do his freaky chemistry work in such close proximity to all the other challengers. It's probably the only way they could get him to come along.

World's Edge will arrive along with new legend Crypto, a fresh battle pass, the new Charge Rifle weapon, and more when Apex Legends Season 3 goes live on October 1. As always, expect more changes to come as the season progresses.

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