Follow the treasure map found in Flush Factory - Fortnite Season 5 Week 3 challenge

Follow the treasure map found in Flush Factory is one of this week's Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges, along with finding Fortnite clay pigeon locations for a shooting challenge. The rest are the usual dealing damage, opening chests and so on, but we're only here for the Fortnite Flush Factory treasure map. 

How to follow the treasure map found in Flush Factory

So where is it? Well the Fortnite Flush Factory treasure map is [spoilers] in Flush Factory but obviously you don't need that to get the Battle Stars. Instead head to the mountain near Salty Springs with the house and basketball hoop on to claim your reward.

1. Head to the mountain near Salty Springs

The Battle Stars are on a mountain just to the south west of Salty Springs, or north west of Fatal Fields, depending on your landmark preferences. Just jump the bus near there and head towards the short path you'll see on top. 

2. Aim for the dirt patch near the path

As you come into the mountain look for the patch of dirt near the path. If you want to land faster dive at the ground around the mountain as your glider will open later and you can steer into the mountain top then. If you want to get out alive though maybe try and hit the house first and grab some gear before getting the Battle Stars. 

3. Pick up the battle stars!

The stars should pop when you get near so grab them and decide what you want to do next. Which, realistically, unless you got the gear from the house, will be to die and start again. But at least you have the stars! No one can take that away from you. 

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