Where to find the Fortnite Fish Trophy locations and how to dance with them

As you explore the Fortnite (opens in new tab) island, you may have spotted a Fortnite Fish Trophy on the wall in one of the buildings and thought "Hey, that looks just like Big Mouth Billy Bass (opens in new tab)!" depending on which era you grew up in. They probably didn't really catch your attention in the past, but now thanks to one of the Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges (opens in new tab) for Season 6 they're suddenly very interesting. To complete that challenge, you need to find a Fortnite Fish Trophy in seven different named locations and have a boogie in front of each one, and we've got the locations right here to help you on your way.

Where to find the Fortnite Fish Trophy locations

We've spotted a Fortnite Fish Trophy in seventeen different named locations around the Fortnite map (opens in new tab), and marked all of them below:

Note that you only need to dance with seven of these fish trophies to complete the challenge, so this should give you plenty of choice.

Dusty Depot - Dusty Diner Toilet and Office

Inside the Dusty Diner at Dusty Depot, you'll find a fish trophy on the wall of the toilet, and another in the office directly above it.

Fatal Fields - Main House

In the living area of the main house in Fatal Fields, there's a fish trophy above the fireplace.

Greasy Grove - Camping Shop

Inside the Camping Shop in the middle of Greasy Grove, there are several fish trophies on the walls.

Haunted Hills - Castle

Inside the Castle on top of the mountain directly east from Haunted Hills, there a multiple fish trophies in the main throne room.

Junk Junction - Main Building

Inside the main Junk Junction building, you'll spot a fish trophy above the makeshift bed.

Inside the Golf Shop to the northwest of Lazy Links, you'll find a fish trophy behind the counter.

Lonely Lodge - Main Building

In the main Lonely Lodge building, there are several fish trophies around the fireplace.

Lucky Landing - Southeast Diner

In the Diner to the southeast of Lucky Landing, there's a fish trophy on the back wall.

Paradise Palms - Car Dealer Office

In the back office of the Car Dealer in the north end of Paradise Palms, you'll see a fish trophy above the desk.

Pleasant Park - Central Picnic Area

Under the covered picnic area in the middle of Pleasant Park, there are a couple of fish trophies hanging up in the rafters.

Retail Row - Fishing Shop

Not much of a surprise here! The Fishing Shop in the northeast of Retail Row has several fish trophies on the wall.

Risky Reels - Projector Building

Upstairs in the Risky Reels Projector Building, you'll find another fish trophy.

Salty Springs - Blue House Basement

Down in the basement of the Blue House to the northwest of Salty Springs, there's a fish trophy above the sofa.

Shifty Shafts - East Shack

Over at Shifty Shafts, you'll find a fish trophy up in the raised shack to the east side of the area.

Snobby Shores - 2nd North House Garage or South House Basement

You have a choice of two fish trophies in Snobby Shores - either in the garage of the 2nd house in from the north, or in the basement of the southernmost house.

Tilted Towers - Central Broken Building

This is a really tricky one! Inside the broken building in the middle of Tilted Towers, there's a fish trophy on the floor near some rubble, at the same height as the street/pavement.

Wailing Woods - North Large Cabin

Directly north of the maze in Wailing Woods is a Large Cabin, with a fish trophy on the wall in the main living area.

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