Fortnite Cold Blooded Medallions: How to earn them

Fortnite Cold Blooded Medallions progress screen
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The Fortnite Cold Blooded Medallions aren't very well-explained in game, so I can understand you trying to get some extra clarity. You can see that you need to collect all five of them to unlock the Solid Skull back bling, and the quests screen tells you to heist Cold Blooded Medallions, but what does that actually mean? This is all linked to the Fortnite Most Wanted event, and the 'heists' needed to earn these awards simply involve completing a majority of the associated quests. For a fuller explanation, here's how to heist Cold Blooded Medallions in Fortnite and unlock the Solid Skull reward.

How to get Cold Blooded Medallions in Fortnite

Fortnite Most Wanted quests list with Solid Skull reward

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To get Cold Blooded Medallions in Fortnite, you need to work your way through the Most Wanted challenges and complete seven of the nine available tasks in each set, which involve things such as raising your Fortnite Heat Level and opening Fortnite Cold Blooded Vaults. These sets will unlock on the following dates during the event:

  • Intel & Recon - February 14
  • Going In Loud - February 16
  • Going In Quiet - February 18
  • Cracking The Vault - February 20
  • Clean Getaway - February 22

Completing seven assignments in each set will unlock the corresponding Cold Blooded Medallion, so there are five of them in total to earn, but note that you need to collect (or 'heist') the previous set's award before the next set can be started. This means you not only have to wait for the next date to arrive, but must also heist the Cold Blooded Medallion from Intel & Recon before the Going In Loud quests unlock, and so on through the remaining sets.

What is the reward for five Fortnite Cold Blooded Medallions

The Solid Skull back bling reward for collecting five Fortnite Cold Blooded Medallions

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As you collect Fortnite Cold Blooded Medallions, the spray logos will fill in on the main Most Wanted lobby screen. Once you've earned all five of them, you'll unlock the Solid Skull back bling, a golden skull that sits on your back. This has a total of 12 styles that add extra gold points and finally a crown to the skull, and it's likely that you'll unlock these by gaining infamy through the quests. 

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