Fortnite Chilly Gnomes locations - where to search Chilly Gnomes for the Season 7 Week 6 challenge

Week 6 of the challenges are here, and for one of them you're going to have to go searching for Fortnite Chilly Gnomes. These garden sprites are facing the new wintery weather of the Fortnite map though, as they're encased in blocks of ice. Hence the chilliness. If you remember, these probably used to be the Fortnite Hungry Gnomes from way back in Season 4, but now you'll just hear their teeth chattering and them shivering away under their frozen blankets. To complete this entry in the Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges for Fortnite Season 7 you'll need the locations of all the Fortnite Chilly Gnomes. But thankfully they're all confined to the snow biome in the southwest of the island. Read on, and we'll show you exactly where you need to look to find the little frosty fellas.

Fortnite Chilly Gnomes locations

The above map shows you can find all 14 of the Fortnite Chilly Gnomes, though you only need to search seven of them to complete this weekly challenge. For a more detailed breakdown of where exactly you need to look, we have descriptions below.

A6 - South of Snobby Shores

The first of the little guys we’ll visit is in Snobby Shores. Head to A6 on the map and towards a small hill directly south of Snobby Shores, where you’ll find him by a tree.

B6 - Viking Village

Over to Viking Village and the second gnome can be found to the east of the settlement in B6, near the icy rocks next to the Viking Ship.

C6 - South of Indoor Sports Field

The next gnome is hiding near the un-named indoor sports field in C6. He’s chilling on a hill to the south.

D6 - South of Tilted Towers

Making our way over to Tilted Towers, you’ll find a gnome on top of the hill looking out over the town where the broken shack is in grid D6.

A7/B7 - North of Frosty Flights

This little guy is slightly north of Frosty Flights between A7 and B7, in the middle of some trees near the lone house.

B8 - East of Frosty Flights

The next gnome is to the east of Frosty Flights in B8, but you’ll need to build up to the top of this hill to reach it.

C7 - Frozen Lake

Take a quick trip over to the frozen lake (RIP Greasy Grove) and you’ll find the next gnome in C7, hidden behind the most southeasterly house.

C8 - Polar Peak

There’s another one to find at Polar Peak - head to the southeast corner of the castle near the ziplines with the two tents and you’ll find our guy next to the campfire in C8.

D8 - South of Shifty Shafts

This next one isn’t actually in a named location, but it’s pretty close to Shifty Shafts. Head for the giant hill with the tree on top of it and you’ll find the gnome at the very top of grid D8, looking out towards the wooden sledge that used to be a chair.

D9 - Happy Hamlet

Happy Hamlet is our next location where you’ll find another gnome, in D9 just to the north of the village.

D10 - East of Happy Hamlet

Another gnome is found along the coast to the east in grid E10, sitting on the platform near the big ice block here.

B9 - Trog's Ice Cave

This is another unnamed location in grid B9, which is unofficially Trog's Ice Cave. Head for the hole in the map that leads down to a small cave, where you’ll find a chest, crashed plane and another gnome.

F10 - West of Lucky Landing

Lucky Landing is also hiding a gnome in grid F10 - head west of Lucky Landing towards the river and you’ll hear it.

C10 - Frozen Island

Finally, you’ll find a very cold, lonely gnome in grid C10, on the small frozen island located in the very south west of the map.

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