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Fortnite could be getting Battle Pass gifting in season 9

Epic Games isn't letting up with new Fortnite features. Alongside the new Avengers themed event happening this week, we could see the battle royale mega hit get a Battle Pass gifting feature next season. A leak reported by Fortnite News, as well as Twitter account @FNBRLeaks, details a few datamined files that include the ability to gift Battle Passes to other players in Fortnite Season 9.

It's not yet official as Epic Games still hasn't confirmed anything, and dataminers have certainly been wrong before. But if it does end up being a reality, it'd certainly help me get some of my stingier friends playing once Season 9 rolls around in a couple of weeks. 

We've already seen Epic introduce a gifting system for regular items like skins and gliders, so it's not hard to believe that it would want to encourage people to share the Battle Pass love as well. Those gifting systems were only temporary though, so this feature might only be available for a limited time too. Season 8 is already wrapping up as week 9 approaches, so we'll know for sure whether or not this new feature is real soon enough. 

This potential update joins a long list of new features and changes that Fortnite has received over the past few weeks including new Fortnite reboot vans that let players respawn after dying, a new limited time air royale mode, and new epic and legendary variants for the infantry rifle. It doesn't look like Epic Games plans to slow down its stream of Fortnite updates anytime soon. 

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Aron Garst

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