Fortnite's Rift-To-Go item is a portal in your pocket

The rifts in Fortnite's sky are closing, but they won't be going away entirely. An update to the in-game item shop has added the Rift-To-Go, a portal you can deploy at any time.

Essentially a portable portal, the Rift-To-Go works pretty much exactly how rifts worked when they are spread across the map; use one and you'll be teleported up high, at which point you'll begin gliding back down. Assuming your enemies don't look up or aren't great shots when firing into the sky, it should make for a great emergency escape.

Here it is in action: 

The new item, appeared with update 5.3. For its part, developer Epic Games was quite happy to tease the playerbase. Over on the Fortnite: Battle Royale sub-reddit, community coordinator Sean Hamilton wrote just before the reveal, "Are you a player on the go? Carry an escape plan in your back pocket with a new item making its way to Battle Royale! /popcorn emote"

The biggest questions now are how will this impact players' strategies? It's a one-and-done item that gets used up so I could see it being used more defensively, as a way to escape otherwise certain death. Although it hangs around long enough for a squad to all jump in, which means things could turn a bit more chaotic.

Either way, if the Rift-To-Go sticks around, Fortnite Season 6 is sure to be an interesting change of pace.

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