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For Honor collectibles: Observables and Breakables location guide

3.1 Duty

Observable 1/8

Once the level begins, immediately look to your five o’clock across to the village currently ablaze. 

Observable 2/8

Progress a few feet and check out the giant door to the your left. 

Breakable 1/5

From there, stay up in this small area but into the alley opposite the door and break the pots at the end. 

Breakable 2/5

Turn back around and descend the stairs. Go through the gate and make a left, where you’ll be able to bag another Breakable.

Observable 3/8

Go up the ramp in front and onto the roof of the house. Look directly forward at a gravestone sat in front of a tree. 

Observable 4/8

Jump down and head left towards the blocked entrance. On the far right end of this path should be an Observable statue. 

Breakable 3/5

Pivot back around and move on up the stairs on the left, and you will be able to spot the third Breakable. 

Observable 5/8

From there, look straight up towards the tower on the edge of the map, and observe its peak.

Observable 6/8

Look behind you, follow the ramp downwards to the bottom roof where you can descend a ladder. After that, move to the right edge of the roof you find yourself upon and survey across downward. 

Observable 7/8

After you’ve made it across the crumbling bridge (complete with small cut-scene), head up to the area with the poison sources. Look to the giant tree for another Observable. 

Breakable 4/5

Check round the left side of this tree to find a Breakable. 

Breakable 5/5

Move down the hill on the left side path opposite the tree towards the final objective. Continue on the left edge until you reach the final Breakable. 

Observable 8/8

On the other side of the battlefield is a large statue ready for observation.

3.2 Thinning the Herd

Observable 1/5

Once the mission begins, turn to your 8 o’clock and move towards the shack next to the large tree. Continue through the tree tunnel and observe the giant door up in front. 

Observable 2/5

Continue along this way, through the archways, until you come across a giant statue, which can be observed. 

Breakable 1/5

At the far end of this small boss zone will be your first Breakable. 

Observable 3/5

Turn around and leave the zone through the exit on your left. Move towards the four-pillared building in the distance, where there will be a couple of dead people inside. 

Breakable 2/5

Go west from here, and get to the gated wall. As soon as you get inside, enter through the building on the left and you should spot a Breakable on your way out. 

Observable 4/5

Leave the zone via the left exit and head right towards yet another four-pillared structure, which can be observed. 

Breakable 3/5

Continue along this way, until you find the cluster of houses, where a Breakable will be on the east side. 

Breakable 4/5

Leave this area on the other side, through the tree tunnel and straight ahead to the destroyed boat. On the immediate right of the boat just after you’ve passed through it will be a Breakable. 

Breakable 5/5

Continue this direction but veer left slightly, and get to the observation tower, on the left side of which sits a Breakable. 

Observable 5/5

Climb the tower and score the last Observable. 

3.3 Picking Up the Pieces

Observable 1/6

Before even taking a step, look down toward the corpses at your feet.

Breakable 1/5

Move on forward and go left onto the giant tree. There’ll be a Breakable next to a tree on the way.  

Observable 2/6

Observe the arch on the right side of the giant tree. 

Observable 3/6

Progress past the arch to the buildings before the tree tunnel and observe the roof.

Breakable 2/5

This can be found on the left side here. 

Breakable 3/5

Facing away from the tree tunnel, head west onto a cluster of worn down lamps. Move round them on the right to discover a Breakable. 

Observable 4/6

Move on through the arch and up the stairs to observe the body at the top. 

Breakable 4/5

Exit through the west side towards the viking chieftains and break the pots behind the building up in front. 

Observable 5/6

Before going on to kill the viking chieftains, observe the sign posted at the top of the gate. 

Breakable 5/5

Move through and venture left up the stairs. Veer right round and you’ll see the fifth Breakable. 

Observable 6/6

From here, look across the battlefield and up a little to discover a big tree for observation. 

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