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For Honor collectibles: Observables and Breakables location guide

2.1 Wolves Among Sheep

Observable 1/8

Take the first left and look straight out ahead for your first Observable. 

Observable 2/8

Turn back around the take the next right, following the path until you reach a fork in the road. Look right towards the guard tower for another Observable. 

Breakable 1/3

Take the left on that fork, and turn right into the area with the lootable food supplies. There will be a Breakable tucked into the right hand corner. 

Observable 3/8

Head straight forward upon exiting that area until the end, whereby the damaged thatched roof of a house can be observed. 

Breakable 2/3

Move up the hill from here and a wooden platform on the left is home to another Breakable. 

Observable 4/8

Follow the path as it veers right, and on the left hand side will be a blacksmithing station ready for observation. 

Observable 5/8

Turn back and head up the stairs, before making a sharp left. Look up and you should be able to spot a large wooden contraption. 

Observable 6/8

Turn around and walk a little until you see the large inscribed stone on the side of the path. 

Observable 7/8

Take the left at this stone to head up to the main house and observe the front door. 

Breakable 3/3

A Breakable also happens to be up here, just on the left side at the top of the first flight of stairs. 

Observable 8/8

Move back down, turn left, and there should be a giant tower on the left side of your screen. 

2.2 Viking Diplomacy

Observable 1/6

The first thing you’ll see is a giant head made out of stone, so go on over and observe it. 

Observable 2/6

Before moving on, turn back around to find spiked heads...

Observable 3/6

...and a tower door. 

Breakable 1/5

Moving forward, head left towards the tower and go up the stairs to find the first Breakable. 

Breakable 2/5

Leave the tower via it’s back exit to come across a second Breakable on the way down. 

Breakable 3/5

Circle down round the tower and progress left, where more Breakables await you against the wall.  

Observable 4/6

Continue on from here towards the giant rock in the distance. It’s an Observable. 

Observable 5/6

Go past the rock on its right hand side, down the slope, and observe the destroyed military trebuchet. 

Breakable 4/5

Right next to this trebuchet is the fourth Breakable. 

Observable 8/8

Hug the left edge of the map and cross the bridge, at the end of which is a weird looking tree to finish off the hunt for Observables.

Breakable 5/5

Opposite this tree on the other side of the area will be the final Breakable. 

2.3 Wood, Iron, and Steel

Breakable 1/5

Enter the enemy encampment, descend the stairs and destroy the Breakables at the bottom. 

Breakable 2/5

Cross the boat and go inside the building you can see beyond the water wheel; there will be a Breakable in the far left corner. 

Observable 1/5

The giant saw mill in this building is also an Observable.

Observable 2/5

Exit the building out the back, and look up to observe the giant dragons head of the warship out front. 

Observable 3/5

Continue through the underpass onto the bridge and look out to the view rightward, focusing on the water. 

Breakable 3/5

Keep going this way and head inside. There will be Breakable just past the entrance.  

Observable 4/5

Go up the stairs and continue on until you see the right-side tower before the objective. Look up to catch the Observable.

Breakable 4/5

Keep going towards the objective through the gate, and you’ll spot a Breakable in the alcove. 

Breakable 5/5

Turn back the way you came and move to get onto the top of the warship, where a final Breakable awaits you. 

Observable 5/5

Leave the ship and take a right into the tower. Look behind you above the door to observe a ram’s head pinned to the wall. 

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