For Honor collectibles - Observables and Breakables location guide


For Honor’s campaign is packed with a plethora of Observables and Breakables, which players can collect to unlock neat cosmetic rewards in the game’s multiplayer, as well as learning more about the lore of the For Honor universe. Observables are certain locations in the game that can be interacted with, whereas Breakables come in the form of giant pots that must be smashed to discover the rewards they hold within. There’s a grand total of 235 of these collectables dispersed liberally across For Honor’s 18 missions, but you need not worry, as the following guide provides details and images on how you can find every single one.

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1.1 Warlords and Cowards

Observable 1/10

As soon as you begin, look immediately to the tower on your left.

Observable 2/10

Look straight ahead and check out the soldier on the left side of the tower.

Observable 3/10

Move forward slightly, before turning to your right and watching the enemy soldiers sieging the castle.

Observable 4/10

Continue forward a bit before you notice the castle in the distance to your right.

Observable 5/10

After defeating your first enemy in the tutorial section, look down the small slope you’re situated at the top of, and you’ll find an observable at the bottom of the stairs in front.

Observable 6/10

Immediately after that, turn around and look up towards the tower you just came through.

Observable 7/10

After you’ve taken out a number of small soldiers in the corridor, head inside and glance sideways towards the painting on your left.

Breakable 1/4 & 2/4

Right next to that painting are two sets of pots, smash them both to receive your first two Breakables.

Observable 8/10

Don’t leave the room yet, as the lion statue situated behind you is the mission’s eighth Observable.

Breakable 3/4

Just beyond the lion is another Breakable.

Breakable 4/4

Once you’ve left the room and headed up the stairs, enter the room on your right before venturing outside again.

Observable 9/10

On the right side of that room is an Observable statue. 

Observable 10/10

As soon as you head outside, look towards the wall on your right for your final Observable.

1.2 And Stay Out

Observable 1/5

Head forwards into the battlefield until you find the second bonfire on your right. 

Breakable 1/5

Turn back a bit and walk towards the first building on your right. After ascending the first flight of stairs, look to your right to break your first set of pots. 

Breakable 2/5

Head inside the building, and you’ll find the second breakable at the back right corner of the room. 

Observable 2/5

Leave the building via its back exit, and check out the flaming tower in the vista on your right.

Breakable 3/5

Continue onto the capturable zone ahead, and find the Breakable pots on the left.

Breakable 4/5

Leave the zone in the same direction you were heading, and just beyond the small wooden tower, nestled on the right, will be the penultimate Breakable. 

Observable 3/5

Move back into the centre of the battlefield, and look at the large eagle statue on your left.

Observable 4/5 

Exactly opposite the eagle, on the other side of the battlefield, is a giant battering ram, which is the fourth Observable. 

Breakable 5/5

On the enemy’s side of the war zone, you’ll spot a ladder to the left. Climb up it and go inside the building at the top to come across the final Breakable. 

Observable 5/5 

Before leaving that area, explore the balcony on the left side and look at the damaged wall for your last Observable of the mission. 

1.3 The Blackstone Legion

Breakable 1/5

You’ll spot the first Breakable straight ahead as soon the level begins.

Observable 1/9 

Check out the caged prisoner hanging from the tree directly in front of you. 

Observable 2/9 

Run down the slope and look out towards the cliff face ahead. 

Observable 3/9 

There is a geyser immediately your left from here. You can’t miss it, but don’t get too close!

Observable 4/9 

As you cross the bridge to head into the fortress, take a gander at the banner on the right side of the entrance. 

Observable 5/9 

Move through the fortress doors and look at the makeshift archway before you. 

Breakable 2/5

Walk right back into the far right corner of the fortress and you’ll locate the second Breakable. 

Breakable 3/5 

Go round the back of the main building to find an alcove on the left side, where a Breakable will be sitting. 

Observable 6/9 

After you’ve killed the first boss in the fortress, exit through the back gates and look directly at the statue in front of you.  

Breakable 4/5

On the left side of this statue, incidentally, lies a Breakable. 

Observable 7/9 

Progress forward a little bit before checking out the mini graveyard situated up on the left. 

Observable 8/9 

Keep going onwards towards the rogue knights but, before reaching that, veer right and you’ll find a giant statue. 

Breakable 5/5

Right next to the statue, on the left, will be the last breakable. 

Observable 9/9 

As you venture up the flight of stairs towards the marker, gaze up slightly at the top of the ruined building. 

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