Which Class should you pick in For Honor - Vanguard, Heavy, Assassin, or Hybrid?

All of the factions battling it out in For Honor - Knights, Vikings, and Samurai - are made up of four distinct classes, each of whom are able to play their own unique part in the theatre of war. These classes are split into four types - Vanguards, Heavies, Assassins, and Hybrids - and it’s worth understanding the traits and characteristics of each in order to truly master your battle skills in Ubisoft’s action-packed fighting game. 

This guide is designed to help you learn which classes might best suit your playstyle, and advise you on effective builds for every single class currently available. There’s a lot of information to get through, but making time to learn For Honor’s systems will only reap further rewards on the battlefield, so it’s worth taking it all in.


As an adaptable, all-rounder class, Vanguards are a great place to start for new players to For Honor. They don’t boast superior traits in any particular area, but are well-balanced in both offensive and defensive capabilities to ensure that you’ll always have a fair chance against most foes. A Vanguard's versatility enables them to fulfill different roles on the battlefield, and they generally represent an accessible option if you’re looking to get to grips with the various mechanics and systems of For Honor’s core gameplay.

Warden (Knight)

Arguably the most accessible and easy to use hero of the bunch, the Warden is a straightforward and adaptable character that doesn’t offer too much in the way of complication (for better and for worse). Wielding a mighty two-handed longsword and fully clad in a mixture of light and heavy armour, this Knight hero provides a range of options for the varying combat roles in For Honor. Both the Warden’s weapon and armour set are designed to accommodate a healthy mix of defensive and offensive strategies, providing a well-rounded plethora of opportunities for pursuing different objectives in multiplayer. On top of that, the character exhibits advanced skill in interruption tactics, not to mention an unblockable shoulder-bash attack. The Warden earns more renown when fighting in outnumbered situations or controlling objectives, which correlates with their strengths in the front lines of multiplayer skirmishes. 

The adaptability of the Warden allows you to mix-and-match their feats for experimentation, so why not go for a trial run with perks like Come at Me (you gain more renown but take more damage), Fiat Lux (throw a flash grenade), Pugno Mortis (deploy an explosive projectile), and Catapult (call in an area-of-effect air strike)?

Raider (Viking)

The Raider is possibly the most enjoyable Viking hero to play as, largely as a result of their simple but effective fighting style. Their heavy two-handed dane axe delivers high damage in a wide arc, complimented by their beefy (but largely unprotected) composure, which allows them to stun and tackle enemies with ease. The Raider’s stampede charge is a valuable tool which can bring enemies to the ground or, better yet, throw them into any nearby hazards for instant fatalities. What’s more, the hero’s zone attack is one of the most powerful in the game; an unblockable sweeping swing of the axe which is perfect for taking down AI soldiers in one foul movement. With these abilities, the Raider is a competent hero capable of confidently taking on multiple enemies at once. 

Considering the Raider is primarily useful for turning the tide of battle through aggressive pushes, it’s sensible to boost his offensive capabilities when building his feats. Deck them out with Tireless (lose stamina less quickly), Inspire (allies inflict more damage), Fury (raise your sprint speed and defence and attack stats) and Fire Flask (flammable grenade) to really start maximising their potential.

Kensei (Samurai)

If you’re interested in the Samurai faction, the Kensei represents a superb starting point. They aren’t the fastest Vanguards in For Honor, but they make up for it with extended melee range and a unique defense style. The Kensei’s nodachi, a variant of the classic katana, is able to deliver massive damage at long range, with high heavy attacks being unblockable to even defence-based heroes. As a master of high-damage chain combos, the Kensei is ideal for one-on-one battles, particularly against heroes in the Assassin class. The character’s metal armour is a reflection of the fact that they aren’t lacking in health or strength, and can even act in an unofficial tank capacity when the need calls for it. 

The Kensei’s stamina could always use some buffing, so it’s suggested to apply feats that support the hero’s needs in this regard. Try out Iron Lungs (you can sprint without stamina), Chilling Stare (nearby enemies are weakened), Long Bow (high-impact ranged damage) and Unblockable (your attacks can’t be blocked for a certain time period) to enhance the character’s versatility.

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