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Which Class should you pick in For Honor - Vanguard, Heavy, Assassin, or Hybrid?


The Assassin class is all about delivering high amounts of damage at a rapid rate. Naturally, then, those who enjoy playing aggressively will find much to enjoy when stepping in the shoes of an Assassin, who perform at their best in close range combat. Not only can they deliver high-impact strikes and critical counterattacks, but the Assassin’s nimbleness allows them to traverse the environments and evade incoming blows more effectively than any other class. This makes them ideal for securing objectives, hunting down enemies and generally keeping the opposing team on their toes, but their limited health and poor defensive proficiencies (no Assassin heroes can maintain a permanent block stance) makes them especially vulnerable to members of the other team.

Orochi (Samurai)

Being a Samurai Assassin, the Orochi is naturally the most nimble and agile hero of For Honor’s roster of fighters, but getting to grips with their technique is no easy ride. The character’s instantly recognisable katana is excellent for those who prefer throwing down light attacks upon unsuspecting adversaries, and inevitably makes for some satisfying execution kills. The Orochi is able to do more than just dodge and evade oncoming offences, but deflect them too, which can be instantly followed up by fast-paced parries. On a less impressive note, the hero’s dexterity comes at a cost of limited health and weak blocking abilities, but players will ideally be keeping their opponents on their toes to ensure that this doesn’t become too much of a problem. 

For all their agility, it’s probably a smart move to focus on diversifying the Orochi’s offensive options, so I advise equipping them with Klai (stun nearby opponents with a scream), Kunai (throw a dagger for ranged damage), Slip Through (dodging increases your attack damage) and Fear Itself (weakens enemies defence and attack damage).

Shinobi (Samurai)

The Shinobi is a new addition to the roster for Season Two. More information coming soon...

Berserker (Viking)

The name pretty much gives it away, but Berserkers are battle-hardened experts in the art of aggravation and harassment. By dual wielding two Viking hand axes, Berserkers excel in delivering an endless amount of chain combos at a fast-paced rate of attack, with some combos even capable of hurting multiple targets at once. Of course, this renders the hero as constantly vulnerable to attack, but their purely aggressive attack style leaves little room for anyone to catch them out, so long as you make good use of the character's deflection and charging abilities too. The Berserker’s zone attack is fantastic for quickly clearing armies in an area, but things aren’t so rosy when in locked mode, as you need to remember that your guard stance is only able to sustain itself for a short amount of time. If you’re the sort of player who enjoys racking up lots of kills at the expense of a higher death count, then the Berserker is an optimal place to start in For Honor.  

If you’re going to play the Berserker, you might as well jump all in on the hyper-aggression, crafting a character build with the following feats to make this a reality; Rush (temporarily boosts movement speed), Revenge Attacks (attacking fills your revenge meter), Fury (boost speed, and damage capabilities) and Berserker (greatly increase your attack, defence and speed).

Peacekeeper (Knight)

Knights don’t typically make for a natural fit in our understanding of what an Assassin should be, but the Peacekeeper represents a formidable combatant in For Honor, and a perfectly viable choice for those who like to deal damage. With a focus on subterfuge and stealth, Peacekeepers are concerned with inflicting pain quickly and catching their enemies by surprise. Her choice of weaponry, a twin sword and dagger combo, will never be the most powerful tools on the battlefield, but their speed and versatility creates opportunities for lasting bleed attacks and fast combos. Akin to other members of the Assassin class, the Peacekeeper can deflect incoming blows, while her light armour facilitates quick movement, which allows you to back away from a fight when it gets too heated. All in all, the Peacekeeper is a decent introduction to those interested in exploring the Assassin class.

Use the Peacekeeper as an opportunity to indulge in For Honor’s limited stealth mechanics, by rigging the hero up with feats like Stealth (hide yourself from radars and aim assists), Fiat Lux (Flash Grenade), Crossbow (medium ranged attack), and Last Laugh (drop a grenade upon death). 

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