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Which Class should you pick in For Honor - Vanguard, Heavy, Assassin, or Hybrid?


If you’re looking for something a little more advanced than the three classes already discussed, Hybrid heroes have you covered. All wielding hefty but versatile polearms, Hybrids are a combination of the traits and characteristics of Vanguards, Heavies, or Assassins, depending on which hero you play as. Resultantly, the Hybrid classes are arguably the hardest to master, but learning their skill sets can result in unique opportunities for effective combat, and a proficient Hybrid hero can turn into the most powerful soldier on the battlefield. Each hero in this class category are not without their own sets of disadvantages, but a committed For Honor player would be remiss not to take the time to step in their shoes.

Lawbringer (Knight)

The Lawbringer is a combination between a Heavy and Vanguard class, making them ideal for a forward-defence posture. As the largest and heaviest Hybrid hero in the game, Lawbringers are relatively slow in their movements, but their poleaxe weapon can be incredibly powerful if used properly. The weapon’s extended length makes it great for long distance attacks, while its multi-tool nature renders it immensely versatile. The poleaxe boasts an axe blade, with a sharpened spear on one end and a blunted hilt in the other, the latter being useful for stunning foes quickly. The Lawbringer’s top heavy attack can also immediately stun opponents, while shoving an enemy leaves them susceptible to chain combos. Additionally, the hero is covered head to toe in heavy plate armour, which allows them to play a tank role in combat if the need arises. If you enjoy counter-attacking, disabling and off-balancing enemies, then the Lawbringer’s advanced play style is worth the investment. 

For a truly effective Lawbringer build, it’s all about beefing up the hero's defence capabilities through feats which enhance his ability to dominate the battlefield as a tank. Try using Body Count (killing soldiers awards you health and stamina), Juggernaut (higher health in exchange for slowed movements), Second Wind (recover some of your health) and Regenerate (regens health out of combat).

Centurion (Knight)

The Centurion is a new addition to the roster for Season Two. More information coming soon...

Valkyrie (Viking)

The Viking’s take on a Hybrid hero is a mixture of the Assassin and Vanguard classes, known as the Valkyrie. One of the few exclusively female heroes in For Honor, the Valkyrie is also the most versatile and adaptable to different play styles. She wields a small and simple spear which can be used to achieve powerful and complex combos, while her light armour ensures she can employ strong positioning tactics in combat. In addition to her spear, the Valkyrie’s shield can be used to attack enemies and even tackle them to the ground, which makes her useful for takedowns and keeping enemies at bay when the opposing team are overwhelming an area. The hero’s dodge ability is able to simultaneously block incoming blows, and her light attacks boast strong block properties to set her up for devastating counter combos. 

As for the Valkyrie’s feats, it’s recommended to enhance her offensive abilities with Deadly (higher attack damage), Bloodlust (damage and defence boosts upon killing enemies), Sharpen Blade (attacks inflict damage over time), and Scout (marks enemies on the map).

Nobushi (Samurai)

One of the most unique heroes in For Honor, the Nobushi is a zoning character, with an attack style primarily designed for harassing enemies and supporting allies while maintaining a distance from the heat of combat. The Nobushi is equipped with a Naginata; a extended pole weapon brandishing a curved blade and wooden shaft at each respective end. It’s the perfect tool for damaging enemies at a distance, or even hooking them closer and bashing them away. Her leather armour doesn’t provide much in the way of health, but it makes her one of the fastest characters in the game; great for moving around the combat zone to support her allies. The Nobushi’s exceptional evasion skills allow her to attack even while dodging, and her hidden stance ability is a way to evade incoming strikes without providing any visual cues to the attacker.

The Nobushi boasts an extensive range of support-oriented feats, which are important for maintaining a strong team during modes like Domination. You might consider equipping her with Speed Revive (revive teammates faster), Smoke Bomb (disorients enemies), Long Bow (inflicts moderate ranged damage), and Stalwart Banners (Heals nearby allies over time).

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