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For Honor collectibles: Observables and Breakables location guide

3.4 Unity

Observable 1/9

Enter the building behind you and check out the well.

Observable 2/9

Turn back around and observe the closed gate up front. 

Breakable 1/5

One the other side of the second building you can enter will be some pots ready for smashing. 

Observable 3/9

Come out and look left to observe a courtyard...

Observable 4/9

...and an overview balcony. 

Observable 5/9

Move into the building on the far east corner of the courtyard and look at the barrels on your right. 

Breakable 2/5

Continue forward and find some pots in the next room. 

Observable 6/9

Keep going but, at the end of the hall, look out the window on the left side. 

Observable 7/9

Ascend the stairs and observe the view before jumping down.

Breakable 3/5

After taking out the elephant, move up the first flight of stairs and look slightly right to eye a third Breakable. 

Breakable 4/5

Move into the building on the other side of this area and break the pots inside. 

Observable 8/9

You’ll also be able to check out another Observable in here too. 

Observable 9/9

Come out and observe the gargantuan statue on the left. 

Breakable 5/5

Continue up the stairs and turn left, where Breakables are situated at the top of the slope. 

3.5 Honor

Breakable 1/10

The first thing you’ll see is a Breakable. Break it. 

Observable 1/11

Move on up, veer right and observe the lava pit next to the first set of enemies. 

Observable 2/11

Keep ascending in this direction and look for the broken wall on the right side. 

Breakable 2/10

Continue until you reach the moat, whereby you should find the second Breakable beside a wagon. 

Observable 3/11

Follow the river east to the large bridge. Walk onto it and enjoy the view of the castle entrance. 

Observable 4/11

Pull a 180 and go straight till you find a geyser on the left side.

Observable 5/11

Opposite from this geyser will be a disused catapult.

Observable 6/11

Facing the catapult, move left onto the wall ahead and observe the gate. 

Breakable 3/10

There’ll be an unmissable Breakable here too. 

Breakable 4/10

Head back towards the river and follow it east. Go up the ramp where a Breakable sits just at the top. 

Breakable 5/10

Once you’re in the castle, snag the Breakable in the far left corner of the courtyard. 

Observable 7/11

After the next stage of the missions begins, look over to the gargantuan statue in the centre of the building. 

Breakable 6/10

Progress through and climb down the ladder on the left, where there will be Breakable number six. 

Observable 8/11

Directly across here is a beautiful vista that just begs to be observed. 

Breakable 7/10

Facing this vista, turn left and head back inside the building, staying right, to come across another set of pots. 

Observable 9/11

Go back out the way you came and back up the ladder. Turn right and keep going till you’re on the other side of the building. Take the exit on the right and circle towards the geysers, where a large tree is situated at the far end. 

Breakable 8/10

Just across from here on the other side of the geyser field lies a Breakable. 

Breakable 9/10

Progress towards the main objective, hugging the right side of the main building. Take a sharp left as soon as you can and you’ll discover the pots sitting in the front part of the church. 

Observable 10/11

Now look up at the outside of the church. 

Breakable 10/10

Move towards the objective to get the final Breakable...

Observable 11/11

...and spot the last Observable across the bridge. 

3.6 Apollyon

Observable 1/9

Move forward but, before you go through the archway, check out the great view on your right.

Observable 2/9

Stay there but pull the camera behind you and up to observe the tower above. 

Observable 3/9

Head on through the archway and look at the makeshift staircase straight ahead. 

Breakable 1/5

Just right of this staircase sits the first Breakable. 

Observable 4/9

Ascend the staircase itself and look out across the view once more, but focus the camera downward. 

Observable 5/9

Again, swing the camera behind you and look up towards the peak of the building. 

Observable 6/9

Continue along this top ramp and gaze across to the damaged part of the fortress in front. 

Observable 7/9

Head back down the staircase, through the second archway and stare upward just as you ascend the flight of stairs. 

Breakable 2/5

Move on into the area where you need to destroy the reinforcement doors and, tucked away into the nearest left corner, sits a Breakable. 

Breakable 3/5

Progress on upward but, before you jump off a small ledge at the top, smash the pots that sit in the corner. 

Breakable 4/5

After you’ve parted with your Shugoki friend, look immediately right for the fourth Breakable. 

Observable 8/9

The doorway on this side is also an Observable. 

Observable 9/9

Keep moving on up the staircase and check out the shield pinned on the wall just before you reach the top of the tower. 

At this point you should unlock the Lore Master trophy/achievement.

Breakable 5/5

At the very top of the final staircase will be the last Breakable of the campaign.

At this point you should unlock the Hooligan trophy/achievement.

Congratulations - you've found all the collectibles in For Honor!